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Talking is great... talking and moving can be even better

Talking is great... talking and moving can be even better
Talking is great... talking and moving can be even better

I write this in anticipation of our next webinar on the 8th December which is very kindly being sponsored by Motorola Solutions. On the night we will be talking about how the Police Covenant can increase the opportunity for sport in the police.

A key tenant of the new covenant is the physical protection, health and wellbeing of all in the service (including families and those who have retired), we at TeamPolice strongly support this aim as it encompasses our own mission to create wellbeing through sport.

Andy Rhodes Chief Constable of Lancashire and the national wellbeing lead and Lee Freeman Chief Constable Humberside will be on our panel to answer any questions you would like to submit to them. If you cannot attend please send in your questions using the link on the right and we will try to get them answered on the night.

Our last webinar, on the 13th October, was very well attended by many from the service – from junior ranks to chief constables – as well as many of our sponsors and supporters. We had inspirational input from James and Sam, founders of Surfwell about what they are doing to support colleagues through surfing.

At our next webinar I will be chatting with DC Stuart Parker who has an important message which will no doubt resonate with many in our audience. He will speak candidly about his journey of struggle with his inner self brought about both by personal issues and his work in the police. Stuart is passionate about the importance of getting support and talking about mental health; letting those serving know that it’s OK to admit you have an issue and that there is light at the end of the tunnel. He is keen to encourage anyone suffering to take regular exercise; Stuart took up running which really helped in his recovery, he’s even run a marathon at the ripe old age of 48!

We know that when we are suffering with issues such as depression that it’s good to talk … it really helps. It also helps to look after your body and do some exercise. Both talking and exercise are not mutually exclusive they compliment each other, make us feel good and help us gain perspective about the everyday challenges at home and work that on occasions can become overwhelming.

I know Stuart is not the only one, which is why we have a fantastic national wellbeing service – Oscar Kilo that is there to support and make the service a better place to feel that it’s OK not to be OK.

Team Police is passionate about supporting sport and physical activity for all in policing, including families and those who have retired. We are going to have a conversation about this on the 8th December with the help of Stuart , Andy Rhodes and Lee Freeman. Come and join us, because it’s good to talk.

TeamPolice is holding a series of webinars to debate and promote the importance of sport to our overall health. We aim to get the conversation going between Policing leaders and other organisations who consider sporting activity an essential element to wellbeing in the police. Sport and physical activity may not be the whole answer, but all the evidence shows that doing a bit more really does help.

Each event will consist of a short inspirational story to highlight how sport is helping our police family followed by a panel discussion, led by senior police officers, with time for Q and A’s from the audience.

If you haven’t already registered for our webinars, sign up now to join us on the 8th DECEMBER 2020 between 16.00 and 17.30 – ‘Will the Police Covenant help increase the opportunity for sport in the police?’