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Target Hitting Fielding Drill with Speed endurance | Chinmoy Roy

The Caribbeans have already landed in England. It’s a harbinger to the long awaited sweet sound of leather hitting the willow.

We are closing towards the time when a fielding coach will hit a ball and Jason Roy would pounce on it and hit the bull’s eye.

When it comes to hitting the bull’s eye two names spring to mind – Ricky Ponting and Jonty Rhodes. They would not only hit the stumps but the percentage of their direct hits was simply phenomenal.

This drill is conceived with an eye on hitting the target. Remember, the body is put under a lot of stress by the high intensity run. In fact, repeated sprints within 20 metres bring fatigue. If one can hit the stump directly under such fatigue his rate of success in the match would be much higher.

Drill -1

Take 3 poles or cones and place one cricket ball at each pole.
Place a stump at a distance of 20 metres from each of the poles.
The distance between each pole is 10 metres.
When a cricketer finishes one round he runs 120 metres in total.
The set up gives the shape of a triangle.
Develop repeated ability to sprint without compromising on speed.
Master direct hits.
Technical Cue:
It is a stop start sprint.
During the stop ensure good base of support. Maintain a wide gap between the plant and pivot foot.
Ensure a proper centre of gravity.
Take a fraction of a second’s time to aim and then throw the ball.


Set up:
Same as before.
Place just one ball at the third pole.
Run around the poles and stump twice before stopping.
Technical Cue
The sharp turn at the corner of the poles and stump demands agility.
Maintain good balance at the time of cutting at the corner.
Slow down a fraction as you reach the corner.

Sets and Reps
For both drills rest 2 minutes after one round. Do 3-5 rounds.