Temple Cloud CC Cricketers Attempt Six Desert Marathons...In Five Days

Desert marathon
Temple Cloud cricketers Simon and Gary are battling terrain and heat in their fund-raising attempts
©Temple Cloud CC

Temple Cloud Cricket Club members Simon Curtis and Gary Hunt are currently taking on the challenge of running six marathons in the Sahara Desert in five days.

They are putting themselves through this extraordinary feat of endurance, with their supplies for the week on their back to raise money for Diabetes UK and the Wallace & Gromit Grand Appeal for the Children's Ward at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.

Please click here or here to sponsor the pair and here's how they have been getting on...

Sultan Marathon De Sables 2014

Day One (34km)

Simon finished in 90th with a time of four hours 54 minutes and Gary finished 178th with a time of five hours 33 minutes out of 1200 people.

An absolutely brilliant result for the first day. In the words of Simon it was brutal!

Day Two (41km)

Simon finished in five hours 32 minutes in 127th place. Gary finished in five hours 56 minutes in 207th place out of 1109 started.

Another fantastic result for them and in the overall standings simon is 98th and Gary is 190th.

Day Three (82km)

Hardest part finished.

These two have just ran 82 km in 12 hours and 25 minsutes. They both ran longer than any of you worked yesterday.

Through that terrain and heat they must be exhausted.

Gary finished 111th and overall is 129th
Simon finished 112th and overall is 91st.

Just a mere 42k tomorrow!