That's That!

A predictable end to the Series. As we left for the ground this morning, an entourage of E.C.B. officials were entering for a meeting. We can deduce that the inquest has started. Who will be the casualties? Selectors, Management ,Coaches or Players? We obviously need to plan a way forward and for a start I would expect the Players to have sat in the dressing rooms and vowed 'never again'. I hope we had someone strong enough to lead the discussion and say, "We win this bloody urn back in 2009 and we start right here, right now." Pietersen was interviewed at the end of the game and I thought he was quite outstanding.He spelt out what is required of batsmen, bowlers, fielders and teams in Test Match cricket in Oz. At the end of it I said, " somebody take him to the rooms and tell him to repeat it to the team. It was the best interview I have seen from an England player. He has been accused of bein 'his own man', 'selfish' and 'glitzy'. If that is the case , give me 10 more like him. Let's have the good grace to say ,"well done, Australia" This Series has been a wonderful exhibition of cricketing skills, cricketing brains and cricketing plans. Three players bow out of the game ,here.Langer and Hayden wept openly on the field of play and spelt out what pride and passion is all about.What it means to represent your country. OUR TEAM DOES HAVE PRIDE AND PASSION but our 'Englishness' does not allow it to come out. I had it as England Coach and it got me into so much trouble. "He can't say that, He can't do that" was expressed many times. I see our players afraid to 'let it out'...and mix it with the opposition, no backward steps.....just forward. Pietersen has it....but he is not English. Collingwood has it and he is a Geordie. People are saying he stung Warne into action with the bat when he engaged him from first slip. Bunkum. What sustained Warne was the lack of support that Collingwood got from his teammates.Nobody said a word. Along with Langer; Warne and McGrath bowed out. McGrath smiled, shrugged his shoulders and embraced his family. Job done. Warne was looking for his next game of poker and was brutally honest about getting his family life back in order. Those close to him hope that that the great script continues to be successful. He also said he looks forward to taking money off me on the golf course. Atherton and I went into sledging overdrive as we said," anywhere, anytime, bring all your mates ,but more importantly , bring your wallet!" He aint winning that one... David Lloyd - extracted from his Yahoo! Sports Blog