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That's Not Cricket - McCullum, Morgan play basketball at Lord's

Brendon McCullum (left), Andre Drummond (centre) and Eoin Morgan (right) at Lord's Cricket Ground.
Brendon McCullum (left), Andre Drummond (centre) and Eoin Morgan (right) at Lord's Cricket Ground.
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NBA star Andre Drummond visited Lord’s Cricket Ground to learn about the game from England limited overs captain Eoin Morgan and former New Zealand skipper Brendon McCullum and in return taught a few basketball tricks to the Middlesex duo.

The Detroit Pistons star, all decked up in cricketing gear, took the field under the watch of Morgan and McCullum and enjoyed some time in the middle hitting a few fours and sixes.

Speaking about his “excellent experience”, Drummond said that he was excited to be at the home of cricket and learn about the game from the likes of Morgan and McCullum.

“Today was great. Today was an excellent experience for me,” said Drummond.

“You know I'm here on one of the most legendary fields that anybody's ever played on and for me to be here with Eoin (Morgan) and Brendon (McCullum).

“It was definitely an experience for me and I'm really excited to be here, they taught me a few things about cricket that I didn't know about and I showed them a few things about basketball so today was a really good learning experience for me and definitely a good day for me.”

New York-born Drummond, who plays centre for the Detroit Pistons, said that he came to know about cricket by accident and thought of it as an “extreme sport” at first.

However, after learning about the game from McCullum and Morgan, Drummond admitted that there is plenty of hard work involved in what he called a “gruelling game”.

“By accident! I thought it (cricket) was like some extreme sport at first.

“This was when was I was younger as a kid, I didn't really know what it was, I was just probably like 13 or 14 years old.

“I was just scrolling through the channels and I saw it, I was like I don't know what this sport is but it seems really intense, I mean it's really long too.

“When I got here, I mean obviously I'm a little more knowledgeable about it now as I was talking to Eoin and Brendon and learning so much more about the game.

“There's really a lot, a lot of hard work that goes into this game, it is a grueling game as well.”

Morgan, who ended up playing basketball for the first time, said that it was a different experience bouncing the ball around at the home of cricket instead of whacking it to all parts of the park.

“Yeah pretty cool, not so often you get to shoot hoops with an NBA star,” said Morgan.

“Certainly something different, first time bouncing round Lord’s with a basketball.”

When asked who he would pick in a basketball team consisting of international cricketers, Morgan zeroed in on the likes of Steven Finn, Stuart Broad and Kieron Pollard.

“So Stephen Finn would be my first pick and captain.

“He played Hertfordshire I think Under 15s or something like that and he's a big tall man.

“You'd probably go for other taller guys like Stuart Broad.

“Then if you were to go for an international team you'd probably get Kieron Pollard - very similar physique to an NBA player.”

Morgan, McCullum and Drummond also teamed up to perform the first ever “Bowley-oop” (a bowled alley-oop) with the former New Zealand skipper bowling with the basketball and the NBA star dunking the ball into the hoop.

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