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That's Not Cricket! Michael Clarke to take part in 71st Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Former Australian captain Michael Clarke is all set to take part in the 71st Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in order to raise money for a children's charity.

Clarke will join the team of Perpetual Loyal, which is a 100-foot super maxi, captained by his close friend Anthony Bell.

Clarke revealed that his main intention to join the race was to raise money for providing vital medical equipment for children.

“I am here today in the Sydney Children’s Hospital to announce that I am going to be sailing from Sydney to Hobart," he said.

“I am a little bit nervous. My greatest fear is the sharks in the open water.

“But I am doing it for a great cause.

“I am doing it to raise money for vital medical equipment to help sick kids.” 

The 34-year-old disclosed that his god-daughter, niece and nephew needed special medical care when they were born, prompting him to take part in the event for charity.

“That is obviously a cause which is very close to my heart.

“I had my god-daughter, my niece and my nephew who came into this world needing this sort of medical equipment to save their lives.

“I am not too far away from having my first baby.

“I want to make sure that if my baby isn’t a 100 percent healthy, they have the machines that can hopefully one day save their lives if required. "

Clarke further opined that saving a child’s life is a worthy cause for which he does not mind getting seasick for a couple of days.

“I am really nervous about the challenge.

“In my mind I feel that for a couple of days of sea sickness and a couple of days of no sleep, to be able to save a child’s life, it is well worth it.” 

Clarke also took part in the Sydney to Gold Coast race in 2014 aboard the Perpetual Loyal along with the crew led by Bell.

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