The 10 Best Ashes Moments

Flintoff celebrates an Ashes series win at the Oval with a cigar

For cricket fans everywhere, and of course particularly for England and Australian supporters, the Ashes have always provided some of the most entertaining moments in the sport. For more than 130 years this fierce rivalry between these two great nations has continued to produce some of the most memorable events both on and sometimes even off the cricket field.

From some incredible feats of bowling to dramatic circumstances unravelling at the stumps we have a run-down of just some of the best moments ever captured at the Ashes over the years.


England captain Michael Vaughan rolled the dice by appointing the young Kevin Pietersen during the 2005 Ashes series. He ran up a trio of half centuries during the series and in the 4th match at the Oval he finally scored his maiden Test century to help lead England to victory.


Often touted as the greatest ever Ashes debut it was Australian cricketer Bob Massie who arrived on the scene back in 1973 to snatch an incredible 16 wickets in his first Test appearance against England at Lord's. Massie managed to pick up 8 wickets in both the first and second innings to amass his surprising debut total and it went down in Ashes history.


There aren't many characters in the world of cricket bigger and brighter than that of Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff. And at Edgbaston back in 2005 the iconic player was snapped in one of the game’s most inspiring moments that saw Flintoff bending down shaking hands with Australian fast bowler Brett Lee with his hand resting on his shoulder, a great example of sportsmanship and spirit shown in the game. 


Flintoff provided many memorable moments during the 2005 Ashes campaign including an impressive score of 75 off of 86 balls. But it was his bowling prowess that shined in the 13th over at Edgbaston in 2005 where almost every ball he bowled had a major impact on the game.


With his very first ball in any Ashes match ever Aussie Shane Warne left Mike Gatting shell-shocked at the stumps back in 1993 with an unbelievable delivery. He’s certainly managed to pull off plenty of impressive bowling excellence since then but this ball certainly sticks in the memory above most others.


During the 2005 series England fans were delighted to see Australian captain Ricky Ponting run out thanks to the quick feet and perfect aim of sub fielder Gary Pratt.


At the Oval in 1964 Yorkshireman Fred Trueman become the first ever bowler to score 300 wickets during his career. It was a historic moment in Ashes history and England fans everywhere were overjoyed to see this popular sporting figure achieve such greatness.


At Headingley in 1981 it was England’s Ian Botham and Bob Willis who helped their side pull off arguably the greatest comeback in Ashes history. Odds were being offered at 500-1 for England to do what they did and if you did place a bet you would have certainly had a fantastic summer.


In spite of ripping his calf muscle Steve Waugh managed to shake off his injury to pull off a 157 not-out during the Final Test at the Oval in 2001. Not bad for a man who was only really half-fit for action.


The Oval in 1985 was the setting for a brilliant and dominating performance from an inspired England team. With Ian Botham on top form he approached the crease and managed a crowd-roaring smash that took the ball high over Craig McDermott’s head and out to the pavilion for six.

We look forward to the next magic moment at the Ashes for the opportunity to take the bookies to the cleaners when the unpredictable happens.