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The Art of Staying Not Out with Sunil Gavaskar

The Art of Staying Not Out with Sunil Gavaskar
The Art of Staying Not Out with Sunil Gavaskar

Ask any 80s kids about Sunil Gavaskar and they will go on an endless monologue about how the Little Master was the best opening batter the world of cricket has seen.

And if you ask the millennial cricket enthusiast, they will tell you how a match is incomplete without Sunny’s witty yet impeccable commentary. As part of the new and exciting masterclass series, CRED brings more of this trademark banter on the new episode of the Art of Everything with Sunil Gavaskar in his usual style- guard down, wits up.

The second episode of the series is now live on CRED’s Instagram handle. 

Here are some takeaways from the episode- Art of Staying Not Out:

  • The important questions: “How come India made a movie called, ‘Border’ while Australia never made a movie called ‘Gavaskar’?” asks the former cricketer, pointing at his comparisons with Australian counterpart Alan Border. To keep yourself occupied during mammoth tasks, Sunil Gavaskar’s advice is to retort to asking yourself such questions. So the next time you are in a sticky situation, you should know that Sunny asked himself, “If cricket is the only game named after an insect?” while staying on the crease for hours or maybe days.
  • ‘The only short thing that matters is me’: Giving away another piece of advice, Sunil Gavaskar thinks, “long term consistency beats short-term effort.” Maybe it comes from his preference towards Test matches over ODIs but Sunny’s two cents are to always, “Focus only on the long.”
  • Cherish the little things in life: The world may remember as a cricketer, commentator, actor or even a singer but what the ‘Little Master’ cherishes the most is winning the ‘Annual Lagori Society competition.”
  • Winning an argument without saying much: Sunny knew how to keep his wicket but what he also knew was to not get intimidated by opposing bowlers. The trick was to pretend. “When someone disagrees with you, just pretend that you can’t hear them because of some rare medical condition,” he says cheekily in the episode.

The Art of Everything is a satirical take on online masterclasses that claim to equip one with life-altering skills at the end of a few sessions, for a large subscription fee. Taking a jibe at ‘quick culture’, the Art of Everything reinforces the importance of staying committed for the long term - in their investment, personal or professional journey.

In each 2-minute episode, the series will deep dive into a range of topics from the Art of Staying Not Out to the Art of Perfecting the Bare Minimum. The ultimate goal? To enlighten people on possibly everything they ever wanted to learn. For free.

In eight episodes, viewers will see iconic personalities in their truest element - divulging secrets, sharing anecdotes and embracing their oddities. All things that make up a much-loved masterclass. Will these instructors pack the entirety of their art for the attention span of the web? Will students be left scratching their heads at the end?

The Art of Everything is set to address it all.