The Best Online Bitcoin Casino is


One of the main ways that players choose their online casino is by checking out the different welcome bonus offers. has brought its A-game when it comes to its welcome deposit bonus, as that bonus allows you to score up to 5,000 mBTC or 5 bitcoins. just launched last  month, but already its huge game selection and that excellent bonus offer have attracted plenty of players. Here’s the lowdown on that bonus offer and how you can maximize it.

The Bitcoin Casino Welcome Deposit Bonus

The welcome deposit bonus has long been how online casinos have attracted new players, because what player doesn’t want to get free money to play with? Bitcoin Casino’s welcome bonus is actually five separate bonuses for your first five deposits.

On your first deposit, you’ll collect a bonus of 150 percent of your deposit and 150 free spins. Your second deposit will have a 100-percent bonus. For your third, you get a bonus of 75 percent, then 50 percent on your fourth deposit and 25 percent on your fifth. Each of those bonuses has a maximum amount of 1 bitcoin, so by depositing enough, you can collect those 5 bonus bitcoins. It makes sense to plan out your deposits so you’re depositing just enough for the maximum bonus amount each time, since you’ll need to deposit 4 bitcoins by the time you hit your fifth deposit if you want to max it out.

Although Bitcoin Casino’s welcome bonus is by far its biggest bonus, that isn’t the only promotional offer available. On Mondays through Thursdays, the casino offers its everyday reload bonus of 30 percent, while on Fridays through Sundays there is the weekend deposit bonus of 50 percent. Each of these have the same maximum of 1 bitcoin.

Of course, Bitcoin Casino does have some rules in place regarding its bonus offers like every other online casino does. The wagering requirement is 40 times the bonus amount, so whenever you earn that 1 bitcoin bonus, you need to make at least 40 bitcoins worth of wagers before you withdraw anything. You’ll still be able to withdraw your bitcoins if you want, but that means you’ll be giving up your bonus bitcoins and any winnings you made with them. Bitcoin Casino also doesn’t allow you to get multiple deposit bonuses at the same time. If you try and succeed, you’re risking the casino nullifying your bonus and winnings, so it’s really not worth it to even try.

Opening Up an Account

So, how do you actually create an account and fund it so you can get those bonuses? That’s easy and takes only seconds.

First, you’ll need to register for an account by completing the signup form, which asks for your email address and your phone number. It will also have you create and confirm your password. You can find the signup form on the home page or pull it up on any page by clicking the Sign Up button.

Next, you need to deposit bitcoins to your account using your bitcoin wallet. The deposit process doesn’t have any fees, and your deposit goes through instantly when you submit it. You can deposit a maximum of 10 bitcoins. For the welcome bonus, you’ll automatically receive the first bonus and your 150 free spins when you make your first deposit, and then you’ll also automatically receive the bonuses on your next four deposits. For the everyday reload and weekend bonuses, there are codes available for each option on the Promotions page.

The withdrawal process is just as easy and just as free. There’s no fees involved, the transaction processes instantly and you can withdraw up to 10 bitcoins in one transaction.

What about if you don’t have a bitcoin wallet or any bitcoins yet?

A bitcoin wallet is the first thing you should get so you have a safe place to store your bitcoins. There are three main options for bitcoin wallets, which are software wallets on your computer, online wallets where the company stores your bitcoins for you on its serve and vault wallets where the company stores your bitcoins in an offline storage. Two of the main providers of bitcoin wallets in the United States are SpectroCoin and CoinsBank.

Once you have your bitcoin wallet, there are a few different ways that you can use your money to buy bitcoins. You can purchase bitcoins at an online bitcoin exchange site, with the three main bitcoin exchange sites available to customers in the United States being Kraken, Bitstamp and CEX. You can also go to a bitcoin ATM, provided you have bitcoin wallet software installed on your phone. You enter your money into the ATM, which then provides you with a receipt that has a QR code on it. When you scan the QR code, your bitcoins get deposited into your account.

There are also in-person transactions, where you meet up with another person and pay them for a certain number of bitcoins. It’s important to take safety precautions when you do this. You may want to look for bitcoin groups in your areas where members meet up to perform these type of transactions.

Playing in has all kinds of games available where you can put your bitcoins, including your bonus bitcoins, on the line to meet those minimum wagering requirements and hopefully win big in the process. One last thing we should mention is the casino’s progressive jackpot, which currently sits at over 100,000 bitcoins. At that much, it’s well worth it to give the casino’s jackpot games a try and place a bet down on it. The odds may be low, but the payout is enormous, making it a worthwhile bet from time to time.