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The Best Ways to Watch Cricket Online

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Cricket is right up there when it comes to the sports that have the biggest fan following around the world. The biggest concentration of cricket fans is no doubt in India as the game of cricket has always been considered the biggest ‘religion’ in India.

T20 Cricket Created Global Fan Base

The game of cricket received a massive boost in popularity thanks to the introduction of T20 cricket. The International Cricket Council (ICC) approved the shorter format of the game over a decade ago and since then T20 cricket has taken off around the world, creating a new demographic of fans who are eager to watch T20 international matches as well as follow T20 domestic leagues such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Big Bash League (BBL).

There are now well over 1 billion cricket fans around the world with India being home to nearly 90 percent of this fan base. While many cricket fans continue to use the traditional method of watching cricket on TV, millions of fans have switched over to live streaming which makes it easy for them to follow cricket matches while they are on the move.

How to Live Stream Cricket Matches    

There are a number of different ways for cricket fans to follow their favourite teams and keep track of their matches. A lot of fans keep track of test, ODI and T20 matches by simply following the score and getting real time updates. There are some fans who prefer to listen to audio commentary and get live updates from the ground.

However, audio-visual streaming tends to be the most popular form of watching cricket matches around the world. A few years ago, it was difficult to find a reliable live streaming cricket website but that isn’t the case anymore. Today, there are a number of legitimate and reliable cricket websites that offer a live stream of all ICC sanctioned cricket matches.

Cricket fans have the option of live streaming matches directly from the desktop or laptop. They also have the option of live streaming from their mobile devices or tables which is useful to cricket fans who are constantly on the move.

Some of the live streaming websites and mobile apps that fans can use to keep track of cricket matches taking place around the world include HotStar, SonyLiv and NowTv. There are also a number of reliable mobile friendly websites that offer live streaming of cricket games specifically customized for mobile devices. Some of these mobile cricket friendly websites include Mobilecric, mob.livecricket.is and m.mycricket.live.

Live Streaming Helps with In-Play Betting

Live streaming of cricket matches is important not only because it gives cricket fans an opportunity to not miss out on their favourite teams and their international matches but because it also gives cricket bettors an opportunity to place in-play bets.

This make things a little interesting because in-play betting allows bettors to place bets while the game is currently being played. Most of the top betting websites that cover the game of cricket tend to offer in-play betting as it works out well for both the sportsbook and the bettor.

Sportsbooks that offer in-play cricket betting usually tend to also offer live streaming of cricket matches as the live streaming supports in-play betting. So if you like betting on cricket, then do check with your favourite sportsbook to see if they offer live streaming of cricket matches. Sometimes sportsbooks might offer live streaming of cricket matches but they will not offer extensive coverage of all games.

So an Australian sportsbook could offer live streaming of all international cricket matches and cover the domestic BBL T20 league which is held in Australia every year. However, the Australian sportsbook may not offer live streaming of other domestic T20 competitions around the world such as the Bangladesh Premier League or the Caribbean Premier League.

In this case, your best chance of live streaming is to go to any one of the online or mobile friendly cricket websites that we mentioned above and see if they are covering the match that you want to follow.

Tips to Live Stream Cricket Games Successfully  

If you want to successfully live stream a cricket game, then there are a few steps that you must put into practice in order to ensure that you don’t waste time in finding and setting up your live stream.

IPTV options abound but their legality is an issue.

The first thing you need to do, is to find out what cricket match you want to watch and then find out the exact date and time that the match will take place. Since cricket matches take place around the world, it is important for you to work out the exact time difference and make note of the game start time.

Once you do this, you need to ascertain which live streaming cricket website works best for you - a lot of the Cricket Boards are also live streaming their matches as well - so check those out as well. The only way to determine which works best for you is to do a trial run a day or two before your match takes place. We suggest that you check out a minimum of three websites to see which website gives you the best experience.

Most live streaming websites are free but will require you to create an account and verify the same. Once this is done, do check if you are able to stream successfully and that you get good quality video and audio. Double check this live streaming website to see if they are going to cover the game you are interested in.

If you are live streaming to your mobile device, do a trial run and check to see if there is any buffering. Do make sure you have a strong internet connection as it is critical to ensure a proper live streaming experience.

Once you have all this set up, you should have no problem enjoying your favourite cricket game via a live stream!

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