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Adrian Gordon (NYU-Poly) scorer of our Highest tournament score 145* in 2011 Nationals
Adrian Gordon (NYU-Poly) scorer of our Highest tournament score 145* in 2011 Nationals
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With the 10th American College Cricket National Championship approaching on March 14 to 18 it's time to take a look at the century makers in this important platform for the game which this year got the attention of Gautam Gambhir, who said he would be following the results closely.

Last year Brian Lara messaged American College Cricket President Lloyd Jodah, "Your efforts are not going unnoticed by me, and hoping all goes well at the National C'ship". Of course Shiv Chanderpaul has supported American College Cricket from the beginning and was present at last year's Semis & Finals to award the Chanderpaul Trophy

The first century in American College Cricket was 133 scored in 2010 by Harsha Boddepali (USF) which was fitting since he was USF's Captain in the 1st Championship in 2009 that launched the new platform for the game. Our Highest Score in a National or Regional Championship is 145* by Adrian Gordon (NYU-Poly) who went on to play for USA.

24 centuries were scored in National Championships in about 425 games, 7 of them at the 2016 Nationals. 18 centuries in Regionals since 2010 in about 560 games plus 4 coming in 17 games of our USA vs Canada Series for a Total of 46 centuries.

In 2013 an American College Cricket Home & Away League was started and has grown each year but those statistics are not included here.
Sai Ramesh (USF) is the only batsman to score 3, which occurred in successive Championships, the 2014 Nationals, 2014 South Regional & 2015 Nationals. 

Haider Ali (Rutgers)'s 119 at the 2012 North East, is the first century scored on a match broadcast on TV in USA & Canada. He also made 115* at the 2014 Nationals.

Sohail Choudhary (WVU) scored 108* at 2014 Nationals & 120 at 2017 Nationals.

Saliq Iqbal (NJIT) 107 & 107, and Shahroze Shah (Ryerson) 105 & 118 scored centuries in both 2016 & 2017 Nationals.

USF with 8 is the team with the most centuries. Ryerson has 5, Rutgers & NJIT have 3 each.
2009 Nationals, 2011 Regionals & 2017 Regionals had no centuries. The North East Regionals have had the most centuries, 7 then the South East 4.

2010 Nationals

Harsha Boddepalli (USF) 133                 

2010 Regionals

Faraz Arif (Purdue) 116* , Mid West                     

2011 Nationals

Adrian Gordon (NYU-Pol) 145*           
Rustam Bhatti (York U)   102*                        
Ricky Nayar (UF) 101*      

2011 Regionals


2012 Nationals

Khushroo Wadia (York Univ)  113  
2012 Regionals

Romel Somavat (Ohio State) 116, Mid West
Haider Ali (Rutgers) 119 , North East                          
Prem Bhagavathi (NJIT)     107* , North East        
Murali Ankaraju (Memphis) 131    South Central 
Krunal Bhange (USF) 127*   South East                 

2013 Nationals

Adil Bhatti (Montgomery)         117*  
Rohan Uttarwar (Wayne State)  117            

2013 Regionals

Tanzil Rehman (Iowa State) 105*  Mid West
Amber Bhargava (CMU)  106*   North East
Duane George (Rutgers) 113*   North East
Prathmesh Jakkanwar (Northeastern) 107*  North East
Rahul Bhanut (UMBC)  108*    Mid Atlantic

2014 Nationals

Haider Ali (Rutgers)  115*
Sai Ramesh  (USF)  101
Saad Bin Zafar (Ryerson)  106
Syed Falah (South Alabama)  115
Yaseen Karch (Carnegie Mellon)
Sohail Chaudhary (WVU)  108*

2014 Regionals

Sai Ramesh (USF)  113 ,South East

2015 Nationals 

Sai Ramesh (USF)  115

2015 USA vs Canada


2015 Regionals

Aditya Santhanam (Northeastern)  111  North East
Vignesh Rg (USF)    101   South East
Ajay (UTD)    104              South West

2016 USA vs Canada


2016 Nationals

Salik Iqbal  (NJIT)  107
Sai Satish Guda (WVU)  104
Maeez Veqar (Drexel)   102
Shahroze Shah (Ryerson) 105
Rajesh Chavali (USF 100
Pratik Dengle (UTD)  118
Samih Sadiq (Everest) 100

May 2016 USA vs Canada

Hassan Mirza (Ryerson)

2016 Regionals

Chiru Bhatia (Stoneybrook)   108,   North East
Naseer Khan (USF)   107,  South East      

Jan 2017 USA vs Canada

Yug Rao (Ryerson CCC)   106

2017 Nationals

Saliq Iqbal (NJIT)  107
Shahroze Shah (Ryerson)   118
Sohail Choudhary (WVU)  120

2017 USA vs Canada

Krithik Udayshankar (Florida Tech)  101*
Meetul Patel  (Everest)  101

2017 Regionals 


2018 USA vs Canada