The GM Cricket World Batting Awards 2014

GM and Cricket World are delighted to announce the launch of the 2014 Batting Awards. and the world renowned cricket manufacturer Gunn & Moore have teamed up to provide a monthly award for the leading batting performance.
The winner each month (May-September 2014) will receive a Gunn and Moore Original LE bat of their choice (see GM™'s unique Bat Selector) and all winners will receive an invitation to visit the famous Gunn & Moore factory in Nottingham after the season.

The winner will be chosen each month by the Editorial panel and their decision will be based on either an individual performance or a succession of individual performances or a team/club performance during that month.

The Editorial panel is aware that there are a number of ex-professional and current pro-cricketers in the Leagues and their decisions on the winners are weighted towards the 'non-professional' club cricketers' performances and their decisions are final.

Please use the form below to register your own batting performances (or your club/school player performances) and use the batting performance field to write a few words about why it was so special.

2014 Winners So Far...

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