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The Immense Popularity of Kookaburra Sport

India's Shikhar Dhawan
India's Shikhar Dhawan

Kookaburra is a world-renowned brand producing excellent quality bats that are endorsed by some of the biggest names out there. Coming in a wide range of options and flaunted by cricketers from Adam Gilchrist and Ricky Ponting to Mike Hussey and Shikhar Dhavan, who is also the brand ambassador of Kookaburra India, the bat was named after the founder’s pet - Kookaburra “Jacky.”


The bats come from the Kookaburra family that was founded by AG Thompson in the year 1890. Kookaburra sport is a 100% Australian family-owned company with many members of the family still actively participating in the business. At present, Kookaburra Sport has offices across Australia, United Kingdom, India, and News Zealand. Famous around the globe for its strong handling and exceptional performance, the Kookaburra cricket bat is also manufactured in India.


The Immense Popularity of Kookaburra Sport


Because of its immense popularity amongst cricketers and common folks alike, the Kookaburra bat brand has been holding the pedestal for the number one Australian sporting equipment brand in the world. Other than cricket bat the company also specializes in cricket balls and hockey equipment.


As per sportsuncle.com, “Kookaburra Hockey balls have been used exclusively in every Olympic game since 1956 and in the World Cup since 1984, with the Kookaburra Dimple Elite being the only ball with full International Hockey Federation Approval. Kookaburra Hockey offers a contemporary and extensive range of hockey sticks and personal equipment sold worldwide.”


Why is Kookaburra Cricket Bat So Famous? 


Because of the superior quality of Kookaburra products and an amazing touch on-field, the Kookaburra bats have gained immense popularity ever since their inception. The bats are hand-crafted with a personal touch depending upon who is it being made for. The Kookaburra brand believes in hands-on quality control, therefore they always keep a check on their products being made in different facilities in the United Kingdom and in India.


And that’s not it. What makes the Kookaburra bat stand out is its sheer strength and power. Additionally, the size, sweet spot, and edge offer great control to the batsmen, and therefore the Kookaburra cricket bat truly is a winner. With its supreme strength, power, and handling, no wonder cricketers across various teams including South Africa, India, Australia, England, etc prefer it. Oh, the Kookaburra bats also boast an exceptional pick-up to inject all that brute force in all your shots.


To Wrap It Up


Naturally, with so much demand, the Kookaburra cricket bat comes in a wide variety of range, some of the most famous is the Ghost, Kahuna, Shadow, Pace and Concept 20. Additionally, there are some new models lined up in the series too, including the BRAND NEW 2021 Ghost with a cleaner look that can definitely help you improve your game. To sum it up, the Kookaburra cricket bat is synonymous with excellent quality, great strength, and the finest handling.