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The most anticipated cricket games coming in 2023


The way that sports video games have evolved in the 21st century has been incredible to watch, from fairly primitive designs to incredibly immersive and engaging experiences. This doesn't just apply to cricket games but a whole host of other games, including NFL and NBA games.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in some of the biggest countries in the world. It is widely played in India, which is set to become the most populated country on Earth within the next 12 to 18 months, and it has comfortably surpassed one billion residents.

India is not the only country where cricket is widely adopted and played. It is also one of the biggest sports in Australia and is popular in countries such as South Africa and England.

When there's such a huge following, huge gambling markets follow the numbers, which is true in any sport. The English Premier League is the most-watched sports league in the world, and it is also the sport which has the most wagers placed on it.

If you're looking at sports betting markets, such as cricket or soccer, you may want to take advantage of promotional bonuses such as welcome offers. However, you shouldn’t gamble more money than you can afford to lose or spend more time gambling than you initially planned to.

If you believe you have a problem with gambling, the best thing you can do is to stop placing bets and tell somebody that you need help with your issue.

Today, we will look at the most anticipated cricket video games that will hit our shelves in the next 12 months.


Don Bradman Cricket 2023


It doesn't get much better for the cricket purists and video game enthusiasts than Don Bradman Cricket 2023. This is a widely loved game among cricket fans, and the news of any new release will cause much joy and excitement across the cricket world.

Not only do cricket fans enjoy the game, but it is also popular among casual players who want to try out a different style of game than they are used to.

Don Bradman needs no introduction to cricket fans. He is widely regarded as the greatest batsman who ever played the game. His incredible exploits on the cricket pitch have gone completely unmatched. He is considered a cultural icon in Australia and immortalized in Australian cricketing folklore.

Even great batsmen who followed him in future generations and were the greatest of their generations have come nowhere near the statistics that Bradman posted throughout his illustrious career.

Although there has been no announced release date from the game developers Big Ant Studios, it is a hotly anticipated game due to the quality of the previous releases.


Cricket 23


Another creation from Big Ant Studios, Cricket 23 is another stellar release from the Australian game designers. Just like Don Bradman Cricket 23, it currently has no release date.

However, the anticipation for this game is still huge. Many cricket enthusiasts do not enjoy the same types of games that other sports fans do. NFL Madden is a game released with a new title every 12 months, so football fans can anticipate the release.

The same applies to other sports games such as soccer games, FIFA and NBA basketball games. However, Cricket 23 and Don Bradman Cricket 23 have shown that even if a game is highly loved among cricket and gaming enthusiasts, that doesn't mean it will be scheduled for a fresh revamp.




With hundreds of millions of cricket fans spread across multiple continents, you'd think there'd be more of an emphasis on creating a cricket game that provides an engaging experience.

Console gaming is a multibillion-dollar market, and if a sports game design company can successfully expand into this niche, these developers could make serious profits.

One point that has been raised is that India is still a developing country. Despite the fact that their economy is growing at an incredible rate, the disparity is evident.

Many people, especially young people, who enjoy cricket do not have the money to purchase an expensive game console and the games that come with it.

So, even though many Indians love to watch and play cricket, they may not have the funds to purchase a game console or a cricket game. Despite the sport's popularity, the market isn't as big as it may seem.

There's still huge anticipation for the games though. If either of these games can get a release date penciled in, there will be great excitement among gamers and cricket fans.

Hopefully, the cricket gaming community won't have to wait too long to play an updated digital version of their favorite sport in 2023.