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The Perfect Cricket Warm-up with Chinmoy Roy

How to warm-up correctly for a cricket match with Chinmoy Roy, exclusively on Cricket World TV.

Drill set-up

  • Place pole-1 as a starting block
  • 5 metres from pole-1 place 5 speed hurdles each at a distance of one stride length. The hurdles are 6 inches in height.
  • From the last of the hurdle place pole-2 at a distance of 15 metres. Therefore, the distance from pole 1-2 is 20 metres.
  • From pole- 2 to pole 3 the distance is again 20 metres.
  • From pole- 3 at a distance of 5 metres place 6 poles diagonally each at two stride length distance.
  • Distance between pole-3 to pole-4 again is 20 metres and pole-4 to pole- 1 is 20 metres
  • It is clearly a 20 metres square

Technical cue

  • While going over the hurdles concentrate on nice and tall body position and smooth knee drive. 
  • Remember it is the beginning of the warm up. So start slow and easy.
  • Same applies while weaving through the poles. Easy twist and turn at the beginning. Don’t rush through.. Gather more intensity around the 3rd round.
  • The stride through from pole 4 to pole 1 is at 50% intensity in the first round.
  • Increase the intensity of the striding as the round progresses.
  • In the video I have said about each dynamic stretch for 3 repetitions because of lack of time. You must do each dynamic stretch 5-10 repetition. Use 6-8 stretches for lower extremity. 3-4 stretches for upper extremity.

Reps and sets

  • The square circuit can be done 3-4 rounds
  • Go through some foam rolling or other specific mobility afterwards