The Primal Pantry launch UK's cleanest protein bars

Primal Pantry protein barsFollowing the launch of the UK's cleanest snack bars, The Primal Pantry are now releasing a new range of natural protein bars to help fuel athletes.

The Primal Pantry look at the human body as a machine which requires the quality fuel to function at its peak - in much the same way that you wouldn't use low-grade petrol to power a high performance sports car!

This is the reason behind them using a limited number of high quality natural cold pressed ingredients when making their new Primal Protein bars which are free from additives, preservatives, flavourings and colourings.

What results is a range of bars that have a perfect mix of protein, fats and carbohydrates with each bar containing 10g of quality protein and approximately 200 nutrient dense calories.

Protein (Hemp Powder) - for muscle recovery and growth

The British hemp powder used in the bars is made from 100 per cent raw ground hemp seeds and as it contains all 20 amino acids, hemp is considered a complete protein. As a bonus, it is also naturally high in fibre and Omega 3.

Carbohydrates (Dates & Coconut Nectar)

Dates and coconut nectar provide the carbohydrates. Whole dates used are high in fibre and nutritionally superior to other common sources of carbohydrate used in other sports products. While they contain simple sugars for quick release energy, the fibre they contain assists control a sustained energy release whereas other products lead to a sudden sugar rush.

Fats (Nuts & Seeds) - sustained fuel

Natural fats in the bars come from the nuts and seeds included. These are great for fuelling the body over extended periods of exercise and offer a great many other health benefits.


As the ingredients are all natural, this means the flavour of the bars is completely natural and delicious - no need for additives. Both the Mixed Berries and Cocoa Orange boast taste that is hard to beat.


If you are looking for a great clean and natural protein and energy source to power your body as nature intended - whether you bat, bowl or field - these will do the job.

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