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The Story of SK Shahid (Wonder Boy) | Free-wheeling Chinmoy

Freewheeling Chinmoy finds the fitness coach in a new avatar. It is an endeavour to add a new flavour in cricket video. The journey has no limit.

From a child prodigy to a historical cricket venue – from a cricketer disabled by accident to a pedigreed cricket administrator, the spectrum is wide. Many an untold story, many an unheard person finds place in the video. Ayush Bose, the creative editor has chronicled it in a manner that’s bound to captivate the viewers.


Episode one presents a four year old kid from Kolkata. The likes of Virat Kohli and Kevin Pietersen have hailed him as unreal. Coming from Behala, the same fringes of the city which gifted Sourav Ganguly, the Prince of Kolkata, this kid has caught the imagination of the world through the social media.


My team comprising of creative editor, Ayush Bose and the camera person had a horror time in reaching Sk Shahid’s home. According to the local residents the approach road to the house was waterlogged for about a month. Like many, Shahid’s family has to wade through dirty stinking water to reach the main road. Water has got into the small little room of Shahid.


Sk. Shahid’s father Shamsher is a barber by profession. Shamsher is undaunted by the adversity. He is bull headed. He takes his son to his elder brother’s room to ensure that no matter what the adversity is, Shahid’s practice goes on. Little Shahid is too innocent to understand the kind of buzz he has created across the globe with his immaculate drives in a diaper. The very presence of camera triggers extreme annoyance in him. He would refuse to play those exquisite drives with copy book head position at the sight of a camera.


During our drive to the ground from his home he was as restless in the car as a child would be and once he entered the ground he went amok. His parents and I struggled to keep him at one place. He would run away and comeback with a branch of tree and start beating me and his father.


It was obvious that a reluctant Shahid’s front foot drives were nowhere near his best. I played a trick. I snatched his bat and said that I could bat better than him. Just to rub in his ego. It worked. Now he started playing those breath taking free flowing drives that was simply unreal at his age.
His most enjoyable moment came when his batting was over and the camera was off. He ran, boxed, jumped and chased me, typical of a children. His batting may be unreal but he really is a child.

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