Time To Go Green For Cricket

Time To Go Green For Cricket
Time To Go Green For Cricket

There has been a lot written in the press about the potential of green tea to aid weight loss, but a new study has shown this may just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the drink’s benefits.

The Japanese study (1),  which has been published in the journal ‘Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise’, used mice that were exercised in such a way as to replicate downhill running, which is known to put particular stress on muscles.

The researchers measured the effects of giving the mice catechins, natural substances abundant in green tea, and how this affected their running.

Some very significant results were found, which will undoubtedly cause excitement amongst athletes. When supplemented with catechins, there was a 35% decrease in the ‘reduction’ in voluntary exercise that normally followed downhill running and endurance running capacity was maintained, as opposed to normally being reduced after downhill running.

Furthermore the catechins alleviated a reduction in tetanic force that was previously observed in the soleus muscle (calf) after downhill running.

On top of this, plasma creatine phosphokinase, a chemical measure of damage to skeletal muscles, was reduced by 52% and various other markers of muscle stress were also seen to be significantly reduced in calf muscles.

Effectively what was found was that with supplementation of catechins muscles were found to be significantly less stressed by exercise and recover much quicker afterwards.

Which Green Tea?

A Green Tea Blend from Natur Boutique has been specifically created to harness the benefits of green tea in the tastiest and healthiest way possible.

The blend combines green tea with the rare and exotic Java tea (Orthosiphon stamineus), which is a powerful antioxidant (2, 3), and therefore aids the body with removal of unwanted waste molecules. Java tea has also been seen to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties (4).

The blend also contains Liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) offering a diet friendly sweetness to the tea.

So if you want to add Green Tea to your training regime, simply visit www.naturboutique,co.uk where the Green Tea Blend costs just £2.99.

Those with high blood pressure or pregnant women should consult a doctor before using liquorice products.


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