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Top 3 tips to Increase your Returns from Cricket Betting

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When placing bets on cricket games, it can often get very difficult to gain an edge over the bookies. This is where your research and tips (for instance, Sbat betting tips) may come into the equation. Bookmakers normally have big teams of employees that work round the clock to come up with statistics so as to make it easier for them to provide accurate odds. However, there are still some basic tips that cricket punters can use to make consistent profits from cricket betting. Let’s go over some of them below.

When betting on test matches, avoid the draws

Many punters make the mistake of betting on the draws in test matches. Agreed that cricket is one of the few games where a draw is a highly likely event, and hence makes for a popular bet, especially knowing how games can drag on inconsequentially from third day onwards. Rather than betting on draws, it is best to figure out the team that has momentum going for it, and then back it appropriately. Punters often forget to factor in the pitch conditions, especially on the last two days of the game, which can often turn the match either ways. Hence, avoid betting on the draws.

It’s not a bad idea to bet on both the teams!

A strategy witnessed often in T-20 cricket matches, this one involves tapping into the way in which a game’s momentum can swing abruptly. A favourite can quickly turn into an underdog and vice versa. In such a scenario, if you’ve put your money on the underdog, and that team’s price gets shortened, it may be wise to bet on the favourite, to earn yourself a guaranteed return.

So, if there are two sides ranked pretty close to each other, you can wait for one side’s odds to reach 2.5, and bet as soon as they (odds) get there. Thereafter, you can wait for the match to swing in favour of that team, and when that happens, you can bet on the other side (when the other side’s odds reach 2.5). This way, you’d have secured a guaranteed profit for yourself. This strategy works best in limited overs game, but can prove to be expensive if there’s no change in the game’s momentum.

Don’t be overly aggressive when buying runs

You may be easily tempted to buy runs when you’re indulging in spread betting and over/under betting - all the more if you’re an ardent supporter of the team you’re putting money on. Additionally, there may be a significantly higher potential of winning large sums of money when buying runs.

These factors imply that betting activity on ‘the overs’ is quite popular amongst the majority of punters, suggesting that the markets may be spiked-up artificially, with bookies trying to balance their books. Hence, you have a higher chance of gaining an edge by betting on ‘the under.’ Apart from that, it’s also important to pay heed to the weather conditions while buying runs.