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Top 5 Tips For Betting On The 2023 IPL

Jos Buttler RR
Jos Buttler RR

The latest season of IPL 2023 is about to start in March (tentatively), and IPL fans can’t keep calm. After all, it’s one of the world’s most popular and highest-ranking T20 cricket tournaments. Every IPL fan who likes to bet on this league’s matches is waiting to enjoy the next-level thrill and win real money from it.

Numerous online sports betting platforms are set to offer multiple IPL markets in this upcoming 2023 IPL season. It means bettors can place a wager on almost everything – from coin tosses to player props.

The secret to making the most out of your bet on IPL 2023 is to know where and when to place wagers and the best odds available. If you’re one of the IPL enthusiasts who await this forthcoming season to place bets and earn huge profits, the time has come.

Preparation beforehand will help you make successful predictions and win more money. To bet online and earn as much as possible on the 2023 IPL, you’ll need to be well aware of some of the top expert tips. This article will cover the top five tips to bet online on this year’s IPL.

1. Choose a Reliable, Reputed Sports Betting App


You must choose a sportsbook site that is reputed and experienced in the industry. To bet on IPL 2023, you should use a site that is fully licensed by any international regulatory body like Malta Gaming Authority and is operated by an offshore company. 

Also, see if the site offers Hindi as one of its supporting languages. This will help you resolve issues you may find difficult to understand in English. Some Indian IPL betting apps like Betway and 10Cric are ideal options that experts recommend.

2. Never Invest All Your Time & Money on The ‘Top Batsman’


When it comes to IPL matches, the most popular and widely preferred betting market is the top batsman. It stands out as the market where punters predict and bet on the highest run-scorer of a particular match. It may sound simple and easy, but things get complex when you have to decide who can be the top scorer of the match.

In the IPL, top batters from around the world will be present on each side. Thus, it can be confusing to make the decision. Thus, you should focus on other markets and diversify your bets in different markets with high betting odds. Thus, it brings us to the next tip: selecting the right market.

3. Select The Right Betting Market


Match bet is the most common bet type available in the IPL betting format. You’ll have to place bets on the team you predict to win during a match. You can also bet on some other popular and lucrative markets or the ones you understand easily, such as the top wicket-taker, the overall outcome of the IPL 2023 tournament, the best fielder, the man of the match, and others.

Also, you should consider the betting odds. It helps you understand the probability of a specific outcome that may occur. The odds also give you an idea of the possible return from your bet. Another tip is to reap the benefits of the bonuses offered by your sportsbook. It will help you increase your bankroll, which implies that you’ll experience smaller deficits during losses and greater returns during wins.

4. Look Up For The Weather Forecast Before Placing Bets


The weather condition significantly influences the performance of bowlers and batters during an IPL match. If the weather is hot and humid, the batters will have difficulty getting a proper grip on their bat. This will hinder their ability to hit the ball properly.

Moreover, the players will feel more fatigue due to the heat, which can make them lose focus during the match. Meanwhile, hot and humid weather benefits the bowlers. That’s because the ball will swing more than expected due to the moisture present in the air. The more the swing, the harder it gets for the batsman to hit the ball.

Dry and cool weather is the ideal weather condition for batters. It allows them to have an enhanced grip on the bat and swing it more independently. If the weather is misty or cloudy, the ball will swing more due to moisture in the air and benefit the bowler. So, check for these weather tips before you place a bet on a particular match day.

5. Learn When To Stop


Getting carried away while betting on IPL 2023 can turn your fantasy and enthusiasm into an addiction. We don’t want that, right? To keep yourself from losing more and more money and becoming addicted, you should always stick to the guidelines of responsible gambling.

You should set your budget limit on the money you spend on betting. Make sure the amount you spend on betting doesn’t affect your other monthly expenses. Play only within that limit. If you find yourself betting exceeding that limit, stop immediately. Some betting sites allow you to set daily or monthly betting limits. So, go for those sites.

Final Words


With this concise and informative guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge of the best tips to bet on IPL 2023. Make sure you remember these tips while placing bets during the IPL matches. The wait is about to get over in a few weeks. So, remember these tips and get the most out of your bets this season. All the best!


1.     When will the 2023 IPL season 16 start?


The upcoming 16th season of IPL is expected to start on 25th March 2023. However, the BCCI hasn’t made any official announcement yet.

2.     Which is the most effective betting strategy for IPL 2023?


Most bettors believe that Oscar’s Grind is the best IPL cricket betting method. Every time a bettor uses Oscar’s Grind technique, their subsequent wager increases by a certain percentage. This betting approach performs better when the odds are 2/1 decimal or 2.0 coefficient. As a result, you double your wager whenever you win.

3.     What are the most reputed sportsbook sites for IPL betting in India?


Sports betting sites in India like 10Cric, Betway, and 1xBet are highly reputed and widely preferred for online IPL betting.