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Top India-Pakistan Cricketing Moments

Pakistan bowler Waqar Younis

Cricket is originally a game that was played by the British. The sport was taken to all the British colonies across the world where it was slowly adopted by the locals.

It was originally supposed to be a gentleman's sport played leisurely with many tea breaks in between. Over the years, the sport has been co-opted by countries across the world and it's not the leisure game that it used to be.

In countries like India and Pakistan, cricket is almost a religion. In India, the sport has taken a more aggressive form with the T20 championships where the matches are short and the players are supposed to go all out from the first ball itself. There's a lot of betting also that happens in both these countries which is also prevalent perhaps because gambling and casinos are banned. In India, games like poker are only recently finding players and many of them use the PPN guide to casinos online to find their way through the world of online gambling. India and Pakistan have been political rivals for over 70 years ever since the Partition happened in 1947. This political rivalry is always played out whenever both their cricket teams meet each other on the field. An India-Pakistan World Cup Final is every cricket fan's dream come true as the stakes are really high and so are the tensions on either side. There have been many memorable instances of their rivalry playing out on the field and we have listed a few of them here.

Karachi Test Match 1978

This was an exciting Test match where India's star Sunil Gavaskar had scored two centuries over both his innings. India was in a very strong spot but Pakistan were the clear favourite because they were playing on home turf. Their players Javed Miandad and Asif Iqbal led the team's chase but it was Imran Khan (who is now the Pakistani Prime Minister) who clinched the win. Pakistan chased 164 runs in 25 overs in absolute style.

1992 World Cup

During the World Cup of 1992, Pakistan was chasing India's 217 which was really not a big task for them. Yet Javed Miandad who was batting was finding it difficult to steal runs for his team. At one point, the wicket keeper Kiran More appealed to the umpire for a leg before wicket and then tried to keep convincing the umpire. After a run that couldn't be completed, Javed Miandad mimicked More by jumping up and down thrice.


1996 World Cup

Ajay Jadeja was a player noted for his witty on-field antics. During the India-Pakistan match in the 1996 World Cup, he was up against one of Pakistan's star bowlers - Waqar Younis. Jadeja went hard against Younis and scored 23 runs in just 5 balls which was a hugely embarrassing moment for Younis. This was also a time when match fixing scandals were happening in India. It is believed that a lot of illegal betting used to happen because of the absence of casinos or online casinos in India back then which is not the case anymore.


There are many other memorable instances between these two cricketing giants like Tendulkar's 98 during the 2003 World Cup and Virat Kohli posting a 107 during the 2015 World Cup. Many of these moments are available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

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