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Top Italian Cricket Betting Events: A Calendar of Must-Watch Matches for Betting Enthusiasts

Cricket first came to Italy in 1793 with a friendly game in Naples. However, it wasn’t until 1984 that the country became an affiliate of the International Cricket Council. The country officially became an associate member in 1995. Since then, the popularity of cricket in the jurisdiction has been on a rising trend in recent years. 

The Italian cricket team may not be as successful as the Indian Premier League, but it has produced some top players like Joy Perera, Baljit Singh, and Jaspreet Singh. If you’re a cricket fan, you can make the most of your passion at the best online cricket betting sites. In this post, we’ll cover the most popular cricket betting events and other information to guide you.

Types of cricket bets

Before you begin staking on the top online cricket betting sites, it’s essential to understand the types of bets available and which site to do it. In this section, we will only talk about the different types of sports betting, so you should check out SitiCasinoNonAAMS.com reviews of the best sports betting sites, where you can choose the best option.

Match Winner Bet

Here, you gamble on the team that wins the game. If it’s a series or other tournament, you can see as well bet on one team to lift the trophy. It’s the best cricket betting option if you’re new to cricket gambling, as it’s relatively straightforward. Also, you'll find good odds for such wagers.

Suppose the Indian national cricket team has a game with Australia. Then, you can bet on India winning the match. If, after the last inning, India has the highest score, you win your bet. Otherwise, you lose.

The Best Batsman

This is one of the most important positions in a cricket team, and sometimes the person emerges as the man of the match. When two teams face off, you can wager on which batter will score the most runs. In other words, your money is on a particular cricketer.

The top batsman bet is relatively easy to win when you study players’ forms. For example, Babar Azam, who plays for Pakistan, is the world’s number-one batter according to ICC’s ODI rankings. In a face-off between Pakistan and a different team, you can place your stake on him to score the most runs.

Most Run Outs / Total Runs Out

In each cricket game, you’ll expect runouts. Accordingly, you can bet on which team will record the most runs. Alternatively, there’s the option to predict the total runouts of both teams.

For example, in a competition between India and Spain, you can pick Spain to have the most runouts. If that happens, you get a payout. However, you lose your bet if the Indian side records more runouts.

Gambling on total runouts is often a spread bet. For instance, you can predict that the total number of runouts will be over or under a certain amount.

Top Bowler

You can also gamble on who will be the best wicket-taker. It’s one of the most popular options to bet on cricket online, considering how essential bowlers are to the outcome of matches.

If the difference in gameplay quality between the two teams is apparent, picking the top bowler becomes easy. For instance, suppose Australia has a match with a different team. The top bowler will likely be an Australian, as the country has four out of the top five bowlers following the ICC rankings.

Top cricket betting events

Italy has no cricket event scheduled anytime soon. Nevertheless, there are still popular upcoming cricket match betting ones you can bet on. Check them out below:

Ashes Cricket 2023

The Ashes Cricket Series will kick off in mid-June. In this competition, two top cricket teams, England and Australia, will face off in five matches. You can gamble in various markets for individual events or the entire tourney.

England will host this event, and many predictors are backing the UK country to lift the urn. As a result, the odds against England are relatively low. That of Australia isn’t impressively high either.

Therefore, you’re better off with other markets, like the top bowler and the team with the most runs. With the recent news, injuries may affect the English team. Nevertheless, the English have the home advantage.

2023 Men’s Cricket World Cup

You can’t miss the 2023 Men’s  World Cup if you’re a cricket fan. The competition will commence in October in India, with 10 contesting teams. In total, it’ll consist of 48 games, which gives you many betting options. 

All the top teams are competing, which means varying cricket betting odds. However, most predictions favor England winning the cup. It’s worth noting that England is the defending champion.

Tips for successful cricket betting

Many Italian bookmakers offer odds for these top cricket events. To increase your chances of winning, adhere to the following expert tips: 

Preview contesting teams

Before placing wagers on any cricket event, it's advisable to preview the teams that will be playing. A preview provides details on the teams’ recent form and their strengths and weaknesses. These are important for more precise predictions.

For instance, if one team records more injuries than the other, know that they won’t perform well. Likewise, a team may be missing its best bowler, which would affect the team’s gameplay. Learning about such details will help you place better-informed stakes. 

Consider home advantage

Home advantage is critical in all sports, and cricket is no different. Overlooking it can result in lost bets, especially regarding series and tournaments. The upcoming Ashes cricket is a good example.

Usually, the winner of the tournament is the team at home. For example, England will most likely lift the trophy if the competitions are played in the UK. The same could apply to Australia. Basically, these teams have a better chance of winning than their counterparts. 

Check weather conditions

Weather conditions influence the outcome of cricket events, as the sport involves lots of throwing and catching. Rain, for instance, will make it hard for participants to grab the cricket ball. Also, the ball will roll slowly if the pitch is wet.

It’s not uncommon for the ICC to cancel matches due to rain. The most recent and famous example was during the 2019 Cricket World Cup. In some cases, players usually have to deal with the rain, which affects their performance. That said, always check the weather forecast before placing wagers. 

Have a budget

Many bettors place stakes, hoping that their next wager will land them a win. This is particularly true for those who are on a losing streak. However, regardless of how much you wager, there’s a chance of you losing, just as there’s a chance of you winning. That’s why it’s important to gamble responsibly.

An ideal way to ensure this is by setting a budget. Specify how much you want to spend on online sportsbooks daily, weekly, or monthly, and ensure you don’t exceed it. Thankfully, most Italian betting sportsbooks feature responsible gaming options you can leverage.

FAQ for betting on cricket for Italian fans

Who are the best Italian cricketers in history?

Some of the best cricketers in history include Joy Perera, Baljit Singh, and Jaspreet Singh. Joy Perera holds the record for most T20I runs in the national team, while Baljit Singh holds the record for most wickets. Jaspreet Sigh comes in second on the most wickets list.

What are the best types of wagers for beginners in sports betting?

As a beginner in betting, your best option is match-winner bets. Most times, it’s easy to tell which team is stronger than the other. Consequently, the stronger team will most likely emerge as the winner.

What are the best-winning withdrawal methods?

When you win your cricket bets, you can withdraw via a digital wallet, which is usually the fastest. Withdrawing via bank transfer is a safe option too, but it could take time. For the best security and anonymity, crypto is ideal if the betting site supports it.