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Cricket Book announced from Maccabees Guitarist and Tailenders Host, Felix White

Cassell, part of the Octopus Publishing Group, today announces the acquisition of the debut book on cricket from Maccabees guitarist Felix White, which will publish in August 2021.
27 April 2021

Ben Stokes Book Signed by Headline for Autumn 2019

Headline has acquired a timely new book by England cricketer Ben Stokes. The deal was struck by Consultant Sports Publisher Jonathan Taylor with Neil Fairbrother, Cricket Director of Phoenix Management Group and will be published this November in hardback.
28 August 2019

A Leading Edge for Rutland

The book, ‘Cricket: A Leading Edge for Captains’, has been on the market for five months, and in the lead up to what promises to be a magnificent summer of cricket...
7 March 2019

Ruling The World by Jonathan Northall

Ruling the World tells the enthralling story of the 1992 Cricket World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. From the early exchanges in the warm-up matches, up to the final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, tales of classic stature and previously untold gems regularly arise.
31 January 2019

Pushing the Boundaries: Cricket in the Eighties: Playing home and away by Derek Pringle

‘As a reminder of how the game has changed, moving from one extreme to the other, from sham-professionalism to uber-professionalism, it’s hard to beat.
17 December 2018

Another Perspective book launch with the Hunar Foundation beneficiary

Another Perspective – Pakistan Cricket History 1977-98, The Untold Story of Development - officially launched at the Pakistan High Commission, London on Monday 13th August
16 August 2018

Winds Behind The Willows - Ranjan Mellawa

A wonderfully entertaining read for cricket fans and lovers of the game.
30 July 2018

England the Biography - The Story of English Cricket 1877 - 2018

As England play their 1,000th Test Match, Simon Wilde, along with Simon & Schuster the publishers, have produced an immense work
30 July 2018

Another Perspective - Taher Memon and Salim Parvez

There are three books which have been released recently that must have all, in their own way, been the result of monumental tasks of extensive research and painstaking hours to produce
30 July 2018

Arlott, Swanton and the Soul of English Cricket

A fascinating account of how two BBC broadcasters battled for the soul of English cricket during a time of great social change
14 May 2018

The Biggest Fan Of Virat Kohli by Shobhit Virmani

Virat Kohli has millions of fans and this is a story of just one of them. This book captures my journey till now on being a big fan of Virat Kohli and reasons why I strongly advocate cricket.
25 March 2018

THE ASHES It's All About the Urn by Graeme Swann

Having played in three series wins and the whitewash defeat of 2013-14 which ended his international career, Graeme Swann knows as much as anybody about the heat of England v Australia battles.
25 October 2017

The Cricket War by Gideon Haigh

The Story of Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket. Never before published in the UK , The Cricket War is the definitive account of the split that changed cricket on the field and on the screen, exploring the end of the game as we knew it – and the beginning of it as we know it.
14 September 2017

Return to Glory - the return of the Glory Gardens by Bob Cattell

Many of you may have read the series of children’s books the Glory Gardens in your youth and we are delighted to announce the publishing of the new book - Return to Glory, published November 1st 2016 and is the ninth book in the popular children’s series about a team of young players and their cricket adventures.
21 October 2016

Greater Than Bradman - Rudolph Lambert Fernandez

Many books have challenged Bradman’s iconic social and cultural status, but this book, 'Greater than Bradman: Celebrating Sachin, The Greatest Batsman In Cricket History' challenges Bradman’s rank as a batsman.
27 August 2014

The Final Over - The Cricketers Of 1914 - Christopher Sandford

In August 1914, some 210 English professional cricketers signed up to fight in the First World War. This book documents how some of those characters met what they saw as 'the great adventure'.
29 July 2014