Movement and Catching Drills with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy joins us for another masterclass this time in catching drills and movement on the field.
5 December 2018

Fast Bowling Training with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy joins Cricket World for his latest training tips, this time focusing on Fast Bowling with specific fitness drills to add those extra MPH's.
5 November 2018

Quantum Sport Announce Shareholders Following Continued Growth

Leading sports management agency Quantum Sport (QS), which manages a host of the nation’s top sporting talent, has announced further expansion plans.
4 October 2018

Success Through Simplicity - The Primal Pantry Protein Bars

“Good nutrition is simple, but for some reason we keep insisting on making it complicated. The Primal Pantry fight against this.”
5 September 2018

Cricketers Pushing Their Bodies to the Limits

In fitness parlance we often say - make fitness fun. Don’t project it like punishment.
11 July 2018

PCA Launches Youth Cricket Development Program with ACF Certification Clinics

The Pittsburgh Cricket Association (PCA) recently hosted a weekend-long American Cricket Federation (ACF) Level 1 and Level 2 cricket coaching certification with youth cricket coaching sessions attended by many prospective coaches and two cohorts of youth players.
22 June 2018

Importance of Warming Up Correctly In Cricket

Lionel Messi sprinting for a home run, playing baseball before a world cup match. Are we crazy? Yes, of course. Never would you see Rafael Nadal juggle a football as warm-up routine before a crossing swords with Roger Federer.
13 June 2018

World Class facilities at the La Manga Club European High Performance Cricket Centre

Cricket Ireland performance director Richard Holdsworth has paid a glowing tribute to La Manga Club’s European Cricket Performance Centre
6 June 2018

Survival of the Fittest - A Look at How to Survive as a Top Cricketer

Legendary Roger Federer’s body needs a break to keep redefining the limit. Like tennis modern cricket rolls round the year. There are three formats and some cricketers too are picking their own format for survival’s sake.
29 May 2018

Fitness Enhances Skill

Harsha Bhogle was moderating a debate in TV. He asked Adrian La Roux, the then Indian team fitness coach, “ How much difference modern fitness training would have made had Garry Sobers, Ian Botham and Sunil Gavaskar were exposed to it?
4 May 2018

Fast bowling remains a priority for Cricket West Indies

St John’s, ANTIGUA With less than 400 days to go before the Cricket World Cup 2019 and with four away international series, another round of its premier regional competitions, Cricket West Indies
26 April 2018

George Watkins Makes Senior Cricket Debut at 12

An aspiring cricketer made his senior debut for a regional side on their opening weekend of the season.
25 April 2018

Whitgift School Complete Cricket Training Camp At Desert Springs Resort

Seventy one (71) members of the Whitgift School Cricket Squad, accompanied by ten (10) members of staff and coaches are now back in England having completed a successful 4-day pre-season training camp between Tuesday 3rd – Saturday 7th April at Desert Springs Resort
9 April 2018

Figure Eight Running Drill with Chinmoy Roy

Figure Eight Running Drill with Chinmoy Roy, live on Cricket World TV.
28 March 2018

Briggs to Take the Next Step in Her Cricket Career Down Under

Loughborough University is pleased that Women’s Cricket Head Coach Salliann Briggs will take the next step in her cricket coaching career as Head Coach of Cricket Tasmania’s women’s teams.
22 March 2018

Power Play in Cricket | Fitness with Chinmoy Roy

Feel the contrast. In the 80’s a Sunil Gavaskar would simply caress the red cherry fired by “Whispering Death” Michael Holding. Now a Chris Gayle muscles Trent Bolt with brute force.
9 March 2018

Why Are Sports People So Susceptible To Eating Disorders?

With Eating Disorder Awareness Week in full swing, Loughborough academic and international athlete Dr Carolyn Plateau has shared her thoughts on why athletes are more susceptible to eating disorders than the rest of the population, and what we can do to reduce and prevent them.
1 March 2018

Close Fielding Drills with Chinmoy Roy

Close Fielding Training Drills with Chinmoy Roy as he again joins Cricket World TV. Chinmoy's masterclass in fielding drills is for the club cricketer up to the professional level.
26 February 2018

Agility & Jumping Training Drills with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy joins Cricket World to share his latest tips, this time to improve your jump and agility with his training drills.
13 February 2018

Sharpen Your Cricket Skills with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy joins Cricket World TV with his latest cricket training drills, this time focusing on working cricket actions into your training drills.
31 January 2018