Mr. R Sridhar, Fielding Coach after India's game against New Zealand was abandoned

Mr. R Sridhar, Fielding Coach, Indian Cricket Team. He spoke to the media at Trent Bridge, Nottingham after India's game against New Zealand was abandoned without a ball being bowled due to rain.
13 June 2019

Catching the Speccie

Unless you’ve been living under a stone you will have seen Ben Stokes’s stunning catch at the Oval last week vs South Africa and you’ll continue to see it on the highlights reel of this World Cup
6 June 2019

Cup Success Secret - Turn Physical Attributes Into Mental Toughness

Imagine the nerve wrecking mission of conquering the highest peak of the world. What exactly does it demand?
5 June 2019

Saving a Single

For much of the time that you spend fielding you’ll probably find yourself in the ring saving or trying to save the single.
4 June 2019

BCCI conducts Captains & Coaches Conclave 2019

The Board of Control for Cricket in India conducted the Captain and Coaches Conclave 2019 in Mumbai to look back on the mega domestic season 2018-19.
19 May 2019

Over or Round?

When working with younger bowlers, we often see them bowling over and round the wicket with little or no idea why they are doing it, or how this can affect their opportunities of taking a wicket
16 May 2019

Fielding Agility and Fitness with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy joins Cricket World TV with his latest fielding tips, focusing on improving agility and fitness.
15 May 2019

Finding Your Best Line

Today at training, it became apparent that some of our U14 age bowlers were struggling to adjust to find the right line. ‘But it would have hit the stumps, sir’, was the general response to the leg stump in-swingers...
3 May 2019

Looking After the Ball

One of the main reasons that encouraged us to write our book, ‘A Leading Edge for Captains’, was our observation of the amount of control the junior coach has over the game, reducing the input the named captain has on the field.
26 April 2019

Cricket Fitness Training: Jumps and Lifts with Chinmoy Roy

Cricket fitness training videos, this week featuring jumps and lifts as instructed by Chinmoy roy.
25 April 2019

New Season, New Dressing Room

In our book, ‘A Leading Edge for Captains’, we look at the issues associated with entering a new dressing room and how a new player to a club or even a team within a club will need welcoming in and made to feel part of that team.
18 April 2019

To Move or Not to Move

Almost all elite cricketers have a pre-delivery movement or a ‘trigger’ movement but why do so many feel it’s the correct thing to do rather than simply standing still?
10 April 2019

Cricket Fielding Drills to Improve Agility with Chinmoy Roy

Cricket Fielding Drills to help improve speed and agility, brought to you by Chinmoy Roy exclusively for Cricket World TV.
9 April 2019

Early Season Bowling

Here we are already! The clocks have gone forward, the first Championship matches are about to get underway, schools are breaking up and children and adults...
4 April 2019

Cricket Movement Training Drills with Chinmoy Roy

Cricket Movement training drills is the focus as Chinmoy Roy joins Cricket World TV for his latest coaching video.
29 March 2019

Progressive Stride Length Run with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy joins Cricket World TV this week to focus on fluid movement and fitness drills, to get that quick movement and improve your cricket game.
15 March 2019

Getting the most from your net sessions

I’m constantly asked if there is a better way to practice during the off-season than simply having a net session . . .
6 March 2019

Back Strength Training with Chinmoy Roy

In all the aspects of cricketing activity like bowling, batting and fielding, our spine is always put to a torture test.
27 February 2019

Resistance Catching Drills with Chinmoy Roy

Chinmoy Roy joins Cricket World TV with his latest resistance catching drills. Catching is an important part of cricket fielding, so try these training tips.
21 February 2019