Cricket A leading Edge

Taking Your Guard

What guard do you take? Is it a ‘two please’, or ‘one leg’? Maybe you are a bit maverick and you would like a guard ‘outside off’?
24 January 2020

New Year, New Cricketer?

Happy New Year! The drink is finished off, there only the unwanted coffee creams hiding amongst the discarded wrappers in the bottom of the chocolate box, everyone is back to school and work, it is cold, dark and wet but thankfully, the 2020 season draws nearer with every day.
13 January 2020

The Geometry of Cricket | Part 1: Setting the Straight Field

There are times at school when you wonder what the point in learning the thing you are learning is. Whenever will you put this geometric information to good use again after your GCSE maths exam?
12 December 2019

You Have Got to be Mankadding Me

In the recently completed WODI series between Australia and Sri Lanka, there appears to be evidence of the Sri Lankan team making a concerted effort to ensure that the Australian women did not steal even an inch at the non-strikers end.
16 October 2019

Bowling the Wobble Seam | A Leading Edge

Sport needs to constantly evolve in order to stay ahead and remain interesting to those that play it and to the spectators that watch it, cricket is no different.
4 October 2019

Playing the Straight Ball | A Leading Edge

I have noticed a trend in international cricket that more and more batsman are being bowled.
23 September 2019

A Visual Check on Your Rhythm

For a bowler it is crucial to have rhythm and to bowl with a consistent and repeatable action. For consistency with your accuracy, you need to ensure you have the consistency with your run up and bowling action.
30 July 2019

England Are World Champions, Now It’s Our Turn

What a day.. What an event.. What a game! Old Father Time, looking down from his lofty perch above the score box had never seen or heard the like at his old ground ...
17 July 2019

Bowling Tips for Maintaining Consistency

Condoning drinking in an article that is aimed at increasing the performance of young and impressionable cricketers?
11 July 2019

Managing the Marked Bowler

However good your bowling unit is, there will always be one bowler identified as the weakest link, and good sides will always try to make the most of these overs.
3 July 2019

Making the Most of Run Out Opportunities

It is a split second decision: bowler or ‘keeper? Get it right and with a good throw you affect the run out. Choose the wrong end and the chance goes begging.
28 June 2019

A Load of Balls

I remember those net sessions, years ago, when I arrived late and had to make do with whatever ball I could find in the bag.
21 June 2019

Catching the Speccie

Unless you’ve been living under a stone you will have seen Ben Stokes’s stunning catch at the Oval last week vs South Africa and you’ll continue to see it on the highlights reel of this World Cup
6 June 2019

Saving a Single

For much of the time that you spend fielding you’ll probably find yourself in the ring saving or trying to save the single.
4 June 2019

Over or Round?

When working with younger bowlers, we often see them bowling over and round the wicket with little or no idea why they are doing it, or how this can affect their opportunities of taking a wicket
16 May 2019

Getting the Field Right

It is not only junior players that find setting a field tricky. Quite often at club level you see basic errors in field placing which can result in unnecessary runs scored against the bowler.
9 May 2019

Finding Your Best Line

Today at training, it became apparent that some of our U14 age bowlers were struggling to adjust to find the right line. ‘But it would have hit the stumps, sir’, was the general response to the leg stump in-swingers...
3 May 2019

Looking After the Ball

One of the main reasons that encouraged us to write our book, ‘A Leading Edge for Captains’, was our observation of the amount of control the junior coach has over the game, reducing the input the named captain has on the field.
26 April 2019

George Munsey - Gloucestershire 2nd XI

George Munsey scored a 25 ball hundred for Gloucester 2nd XI the other day, smashing 147 in 39 balls with 20 sixes.
23 April 2019

New Season, New Dressing Room

In our book, ‘A Leading Edge for Captains’, we look at the issues associated with entering a new dressing room and how a new player to a club or even a team within a club will need welcoming in and made to feel part of that team.
18 April 2019