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Cricket Club Matters

Cricket GroundCare Tips for Clubs: What to do during COVID-19 Outbreak

At Cricket World, we are well aware of the challenges and issues that Clubs face during a normal cricket season (I have played club cricket or been involved with club cricket for over 50 years), however, we are now going into unchartered waters with the COVID-19 Outbreak
21 March 2020

Why should cricket clubs care about diversity?

Over the past few years, we have seen an explosion of interest in women’s sport, and women’s cricket has been no exception.
2 March 2020

How To Get Involved In Cricket

Following on from last week's statistics of falling numbers in cricket, this week we thought we would show the side of cricket that makes it so worthwhile. At a young age all children are playing football, but we have found some initiatives aiming to do the same for cricket.
17 March 2015

ECB's Get The Game On Initiative

According to the ECB's latest initiative player numbers are dropping by 7% a year, with completed matches down 13%. Perhaps most startling off all is that over the past 4 years conceded fixtures have soared by 63%.
11 March 2015