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Bourne CC - Groundcare Diary – Beginning of May 2020

Whilst we are in ‘lockdown’ we are following the Bourne CC Groundcare team (Clive Brown and Ian Greenfield) through the season
4 May 2020

SALTEX operations manager Derek Walder, provides an insight into his illustrious career.

SALTEX operations manager Derek Walder, provides an insight into his illustrious career, his passion for SALTEX and his adventurous days with the Crazy Gang…
4 May 2020

GMA Groundcare tips for Cricket - Interim Works and Fit for Play

Recreational and grassroots playing facilities will currently have many questions about the current and potential restrictions the Government may impose
1 May 2020

Celebrating 10 years of groundcare seminars with Dennis and SISIS

Dennis and SISIS are celebrating an impressive decade of groundcare seminars this year. In this article, we look at the history and development of the seminars and how they have proved to be so beneficial for so many of the unsung heroes in a wide variety of sports turf sectors.
29 April 2020

Bourne CC - Groundcare Diary April

Whilst we are in ‘lockdown’ we are following the Bourne CC Groundcare team through the season as their ground maintenance programme progresses throughout the Spring and Summer.
29 April 2020

Alcester and Ragley Park CC Groundcare Diary April

Firstly, this is obviously a tough time for everyone associated with cricket, however at Alcester and Ragley Park CC we are trying to think of the positives and look at how we can utilise the current situation to our advantage.
29 April 2020

ECB Launch Emergency Support Programmes For Recreational Game

Cricket clubs and leagues are now able to apply to two new funding schemes specifically designed to help see them through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
17 April 2020

The Isolated Groundsman Part Two -Chris Johnson

It’s seen both our squares have their first cut with the Dennis and a verticut. That verticut amazes me on how it cuts. Where I only collected a couple of boxes in normal cutting of our main square, the verticutter managed four wheelie bins.
13 April 2020

Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG) announces successful rebrand to Grounds Management Association

The Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG), the leading not-for-profit membership organisation, today announces its new name and brand, the Grounds Management Association.
3 April 2020

Latest news from award-winning loam and topsoil producer Boughton….

We are open as usual and here to help….
1 April 2020

Rigby Taylor's New Nutri-link Fertiliser Feeds Turf Surface Nutritional Demands

Rigby Taylor has announced the new Nutri-Link nutritional and bio-stimulant system for a wide range of turf surfaces, including sand-based constructions.
25 March 2020

Self Isolated Groundsman Chris Johnson

We’re all preoccupied with the coronavirus crisis, but I thought I’d write the story of my first couple of years as a retiree who has moved into cricket groundsmanship.
24 March 2020

An insight into Agrovista Amenity

"My hope for Agrovista Amenity is that the industry welcomes what it’s trying to be – a science-based company offering real solutions to customers and adding value wherever possible.”
16 March 2020

Time for change: the IOG set to rebrand

Following independent research entitled ‘Groundsmanship: Sports Vital Profession’ which highlighted the urgent need for change, the IOG today announces its intention to re-brand.
5 March 2020

Dealing with a Play Area After Flooding

Staying off the ground for as long as possible to let the ground dry sufficiently is the main advice that I can give.
5 March 2020

Basic Groundcare Guide to Thatch

Basic Groundcare Guide to Thatch
5 March 2020

What is the aim of rolling and what does it achieve, compared to not rolling?

When rolling a cricket pitch we are aiming to achieve a number of outcomes:
5 March 2020

Adam Cooper joins GaNTIP as flood recovery advice becomes a priority

The Institute of Groundsmanship-led Grounds and Natural Turf Improvement Programme (GaNTIP) has announced the appointment of Adam Cooper, a practising groundsman with more than 31 years’ experience, as regional pitch advisor (RPA) for the North West.
27 February 2020

Valdor Flex now available from Agrovista Amenity

Valdor Flex was introduced to the UK turf and amenity market last year and has been widely praised for providing excellent residual control for even the hardest to manage weeds.
20 February 2020

New Turf Rewards for 2020

ICL and Syngenta are pleased to announce some exciting updates to the Turf Rewards loyalty scheme for 2020.
7 February 2020