Syn-Pro by SISIS

Dennis & SISIS Groundcare Seminar Widely Praised

The Dennis and SISIS Groundcare Seminar took place at St. Albans School, Woollam Trust Playing Fields on Tuesday 19 February with delegates all claiming it was a huge success.
1 March 2019

Dennis & SISIS Launch New Groundcare Seminar

Dennis & SISIS have announced an exciting new free-to-attend Groundcare Seminar which has been designed with education in mind for those involved in groundcare on a variety of sports turf topics.
11 January 2019

Syn-Pro by SISIS - Hand Tools - Truspred

Truspred is ideal for spreading infill over small areas.
9 January 2019

Syn-Pro by SISIS - Hand Tools - Drag Mat

Drag Mat is perfect for routine surface maintenance.
9 January 2019

Syn-Pro by SISIS - Hand Tools - Drag Brush

Ideal for standing up the pile, moving infill and presentation.
9 January 2019

Syn-Pro by SISIS - Tractor Mounted Sweepers - SSS100

Regular cleaning of synthetic surfaces is vital to avoid contamination of the surface and remove potentially harmful debris before play. The SSS1000 sweeper features a spiral rotary brush
9 January 2019

Syn-Pro by SISIS - Towed Brush Combo - Zig Zag & Straight Brush

Zig Zag & Straight Brush is designed specifically for regular routine brushing, the towed brush combinations can be used by almost any small ride-on power unit including compact garden tractors.
9 January 2019

Syn-Pro by SISIS - Brush Combo - Flexicombe & Straight Brush

Combination brush systems which are ideal for regular maintenance of synthetic surfaces. The flexicomb and straight finishing brush combination is recommended for both sand and rubber infill.
9 January 2019