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Get to Know the Groundsman - David Sans

I’m David Sans, I’ve just taken over as groundsman at Wollaton Sports Association in Nottingham. I’m currently in charge of looking after the cricket and the football and will shortly be taking on responsibility for maintaining the bowls green as well.
1 December 2020

Get to Know the Groundsman - Anthony Asquith

Anthony Asquith. Grounds Manager, War Memorial Association and also turf advisor.
1 December 2020

How to Prepare a Cricket Pitch/Net in 5 Steps

Very hard to give a preparation period in preparing a cricket pitch, but most clubs work with a 1/2-week period to prepare a cricket pitch/net, but longer may be needed.
18 June 2020

Notes from a lowly Village Green Club Groundsman

Wivelsfield Green CC is a small club in East Sussex which has had just a Sunday friendly team for the last 100 years and l am the current groundsman. We play on the village green which has a nice pavilion run by the village hall.
18 June 2020

5 Reasons You May Have to Renovate The Cricket Square

This blog is my own opinion of the 5 Reasons You May Have to Renovate the Cricket Square.
18 June 2020

Fairy Rings on Cricket Pitches

Do you need to apply a fungicide? – a fungicide approach is a longterm battle to manage and ultimately get rid of the fairy ring. If the fairy ring isn’t impacting playability – do you need to do it?
18 June 2020

The Time Team

When you are asked to write a blog about our club and the ground team it is somewhat daunting. What to say, how to phrase it and who is likely to be interested anyway.
24 April 2020

The Isolated Groundsman Part Two -Chris Johnson

It’s seen both our squares have their first cut with the Dennis and a verticut. That verticut amazes me on how it cuts. Where I only collected a couple of boxes in normal cutting of our main square, the verticutter managed four wheelie bins.
13 April 2020