Twenty20 Cricket Company Launch Cricket Pitch Map App

The new app provides bowlers with a visual display of their performance
The new app provides bowlers with a visual display of their performance
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As clubs and players gear up for the new season, Twenty20 Cricket Compay have launched a new iPad app which adds a visual approach to coaching bowlers.

The app aims to give players tangible feedback and complement how coaches are delivering sessions and practice routines.

After 12 months of extensive trials in England and Europe it has now been launched on the Apple Store ready for the UK club season.

It helps players by showing them where they are delivering the ball and enabling them to visualise the areas they need to work on.

Simple to use, the app requires little more than a coach setting up a session, adding and then selecting the players involved.

At the end of the session bowlers can view their own pitch maps - against all batsmen or split into right and left-handers - as well as seeing a breakdown of the lines and lengths of their deliveries.

The screenshots that the app produced can then be emailed to the players and stored for future reference.

"The feedback we have received has been fantastic," Darren Talbot, Twenty20 Cricket Company Managing Director, said.

"What has become apparent from the coaches is that there are so many benefits from using
the app; from immediate feedback at sessions, backing up written assessment reviews, and
providing greater visibility of overall strengths and weaknesses of teams and players.

"Players and parents have also been really impressed and receptive as it provides them with
concise feedback, documents successes and shows areas to work on or demonstrate more
clearly," he added.

Both a free and paid-for version of the app are available with the former limiting the number of players that can be added.

The paid-for version has no limits to the number of players that can be added and links to Twenty20 Cricket Company's Performance Manager software to enable coach to player reporting.

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