USN Presents Their Post-Holiday Slim Down Plan


If you are looking to drop those last few pounds following Christmas and get fit ready for pre-season, then USN Xédra-Cut can help!

USN's latest product helps you speed up weight loss and helps drop fat in those hard to reach places, toning you up in a healthy and safe way.

USN athlete Ryan Terry is an avid fan of the Xédra-Cut range of products and has expressed his excitement for the launch of the newest addition. He said:

"I think the Xédra-Cut range is a great range of products and it is an integral part of my supplementation plan when training for events and big photo shoots.

"It allows me to shed that hard to move body fat whilst allowing me to hit the gym at a high intensity and maintain lean muscle growth and recovery.

"The new Xédra-Cut Ultra XT formula has got me really excited… I can’t wait to try it!"

Xedra-Cut Ultra XT contains a range of botanical ingredients, such as Green Tea, Rasberry Ketones, Green Coffee Beans, Black Pepper and Yerba Mate.

Targeting areas you want to work on and assisting you to the body you want is just a couple of ways Xédra-Cut Ultra XT can help. For example, Glucomannan is an essential ingredient which reduces those pesky hunger feelings which result in unhealthy snacking.

Caffeine is also an important ingredient as it aids in alertness and concentration, boosting your energy for your work outs. Zinc also plays a part by aiding your body in preventing fatty acid build up.

One of the main sources of unwanted weight gain problems is combated with Chromium, which supports normal thyroid function. That isn't all, this brand new product contains Choline, supporting normal liver function, which may help break down fats during digestion.  

If all this isn't enough, USN is offering you an opportunity to win an extreme body makeover (Worth £3000). Purchasing the 'New You' bundle pack from automatically enters you into the prize draw.

The ‘New You’ Bundle Pack (RRP £50) contains 2 packs of Xédra-Cut Ultra XT, a Body Makeover Guide, USN T-shirt, USN weighing scales and a tape measure to track your progress. Use the hashtag #NewMe on Twitter, to join the discussion!

Entry for the Extreme Body Makeover Prize Draw is open until 31st January 2014.

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