USN Says: Love Your Cricket Workout

The new watermelon flavour is a new addition to the range
The new watermelon flavour is a new addition to the range

Leading sports nutrition brand USN want you to enjoy your cricket workout and have produced a new flavour of BCAA Power Punch, their popular intra-workout supplement.

A fruity watermelon flavour has now been made available, giving you an alternative to the original tangerine flavour that is currently available.

The importance of intra-workout supplementation is becoming more and more evident and should not just be about a quick drink of water or a chocolate bar.

Following research and studies, the sports supplements market has now evolved to offer fitness enthusiasts and active sportspeople including cricketers drinks that taste great as well as provide several benefits.

Product specification

BCAA Power Punch
RRP: £ 40.00
400g (30 servings)
flavours: Tangerine and NEW Watermelon


The USN easy-to-mix formula remains along with the fatigue-fighting mix of Glutamic Acid and Branched Chain Amino Acids which gives you the best chance to get the most out of your training.

The new BCAA Power Punch Watermelon offers a healthy dosage of Vitamin B6 which is proven to help develop a healthy energy-yielding metabolism and support protein synthesis.

"USN’s Power Punch is a great product for keeping me going through all my workouts, it keeps me pushing harder through each session," Emma Storey Gordon, USN athlete and fitness model, said.

"And the new watermelon flavour is delicious," she added.

The new flavour is available in 400g tubs which provide 30 servings.