Video - Chandimal Delighted, Borren Embarrassed

Following Sri Lanka's crushing nine-wicket win over the Netherlands, watch as opposing captains Dinesh Chandimal and Peter Borren give their reactions to the match.

Sri Lanka dismissed the Dutch for 39, the lowest score ever recorded in a Twenty20 International and then knocked off the runs in five overs.

It put them clear at the top of Group 1 of the ICC World Twenty20 following up on a five-run win over South Africa in their opening match.

Chandimal is pleased that his side were able to despatch the Dutch, who qualified by beating Ireland and the United Arab Emirates, and give their net run-rate a boost.

"I think it is a really good win," he said.

"You know, as I said it is good for the net run rate and winning the first two games and so we will have to play one at a time, so we try to do that and.

"As I said, we are playing our best 11 in every game so are looking forward to that."

Next up for Sri Lanka, on Thursday (27th March), is England and despite them struggling for form recently, Chandimal is not underestimating the challenge they are facing.

"We never underestimate any team and we will have to do correct things in the middle," he said.

"I think that that is the way we will have to play and finally the result will come."

Meanwhile, Borren said that watching his team collapse was like a 'slow-motion train crash'.

"It was like a slow-motion train crash out there watching us bat and it was hard to watch," he admitted.

"So Mendis and Malinga - they are quality but when they come on to bowl you can't be four-down for not many you know. We have got to have more of a base."

However, he refused to be too downcast, saying that this is the first time that the Netherlands have been so badly embarrassed on the world stage.

"I would hate to think that we are just going to sit here right now and...because this is a pretty embarrassing performance what the temptation could be; just to sit back and go 'oh shit, let's just try and get through the rest of the games without making absolute idiots of ourselves' and for me that is not an option.

"I look at our top order and there are guys that are there who can really play and have played at this World Cups and stuff and have done wonderful.

"This is the first time in my career and I have played at..this is my third, fourth World Cup and we have always performed pretty well," he added.

The Netherlands must pick themselves up and take on South Africa in two days.

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