Video: Elementary School Students Discovering Cricket

Ever wondered what it looks like when elementary school students discover cricket? Well, here it is.

On October 4, I introduced the great game of cricket at Eldersburg Elementary in Carroll County, Maryland. First, the game was explained to the children, and then I answered their questions. After that, two teams were created and the fun began. It was raining that day, so we played indoors, which is fine, because the cricket set is designed for indoor or outdoor use. Because of the number of children in the class and the time limitations of this first session, each student was limited to just one hit.

As an additional bonus, the cricket presentation was observed by Linda Kephart, Supervisor of Health and Physical Education for Carroll County Public Schools. Ms. Kephart was so impressed with the USYCA Schools Program that she immediately invited Jamie to present it to all county physical education teachers on February 22 at an in-service event at Winters Mill HS.

In a follow-up email, Ms. Kephart said, “Cricket is a great striking and strategy sport that can be enjoyed by students of all ability levels…. what a great addition this will be to our physical education curriculum!”

Jamie Harrison, President
United States Youth Cricket Association