Video - 'Just Get Out There And Work Hard'

Former Australian international fast bowler Jeff Thomson gives us his his own take on coaching fast bowlers: keep it simple, get out there and keep bowling.

Not for him the modern-day philosophy of tweaking actions, measuring workloads and making sure players get plenty of rest.

He advises that the action you have is what you must stick with and work hard at making it an effective tool at your disposal.

"Just get out there and work hard," is his frank advice. When quizzed about the number of injuries modern day players seem to suffer, he points out that in other sports, such as cycling, athletes keep on pushing themselves to get the best performance they can.

He adds: "If you want to be really good, you just go out there and flog yourself, until you almost do break down...and then when you do play a game, you're laughing."

Thomson, who played 50 Tests and 51 One-Day Internationals for Australia, was talking to us at a 'Battle Of The Ashes' event run by D and G Partners at Grange Hotels in London.

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