Video - MCC World Cricket Committee Backs DRS

MCC World Cricket Committee members Steve Waugh, Barry Richards, Charlotte Edwards and Rod Marsh discuss the merits of the Decision Review System (DRS).

The Committee met at Lord's on 16th and 17th July and has come out in support of the system despite it being the centre of much debate following the opening Ashes Test at Trent Bridge.

Jonathan Trott was incorrectly given out after an incorrect application of the system and Ashton Agar survived a stumping appeal that appeared to favour the fielding side as England won by 14 runs.

"The committee was unanimous in its opinion that it was the poor implementation of DRS that led to the controversies, rather than the system itself," an MCC statement read.

"Human error will always play a part in the game for both players and umpires but the DRS is successful in limiting this.  

"With the DRS, more correct decisions are being made (generally DRS improves correct decision making by about five percentage points in Test cricket) and so the committee strongly reiterates its desire to see the universal implementation of the system in international cricket matches. 

"The DRS is not perfect, but it improves decision making and adds to the spectator experience, which is good for the game. 

"A further benefit from universal use would be the ownership of the whole process by ICC rather than by television companies."

Video courtesy of Lord's TV and SNTV

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