Video - Ryder 'Devastated' By Drugs Ban

Jesse Ryder says he is 'devastated' at hearing that he is to be handed a six-month ban for drug abuse after a banned substance was found in his system.

The substance was included in a weight-loss product Ryder was taken although he says he had checked the ingredients before starting to use the product.

This latest blow to Ryder's career comes after he was attacked in Christchurch in March, suffering life-threatening injuries.

That prevented him from playing in the Indian Premier League where he had signed to play for the Delhi Daredevils and his first appearance for new side Otago now looks certain to be similarly delayed.

"I was pretty surprised at actually failing the drug test for starters. We didn't know why," he revealed.

"We did all the research and found out how it got in my system and what it was and we went about it so it's been a bit of a setback and hopefully I can move on from this."

Video courtesy of SNTV

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