Vinny Codrington (CEO)

VINNY CODRINGTON - Middlesex CCC, Chief Executive

Q.) From your perspective as MCCC's Chief Executive, what impact has the Twenty20 cup victory already had on the club so far and what advantages do you feel will come in the long term as a result of your success in the competition?
A.) There has been enormous excitement within and around the club, and it has been very nice to get the "monkey off our back" in relation to not having won something for 15 years. It is too early to say whether there are any long term beneficial effects. The global Twenty20 phenomenon has only kicked off in the last year or so really, but if we were to prove to be a long term force in Twenty20, it would have huge knock on benefits from sponsorship, marketing etc. We would certainly need to look at our business model moving forward!!

Q.) It would be no exaggeration to say that by far and away the most dominant colour in the stands at the finals day was pink! As the man behind the idea of a partnership with Breakthrough, you must be delighted with the way your fans have picked up on the charity partnership and seem so willing to support the initiative?
A.) It has given me almost as much pleasure as winning the competition in the first place. The way in which everyone, players, staff, members and supporters have embraced the idea has been fantastic, and to be a professional sporting organisation visibly to be seen giving and supporting such a charity has been a sense of enormous pride and pleasure.

Q.) Looking on from the stands as Tyron Henderson bowled that last dot ball in the final over and you were crowned champions, explain what it was like from your perspective and what emotions you went through in the final stages of the game?
A.) There were so many emotions, looking back over 11 years here without success, thinking of the staff who have been the club's biggest supporters, to the long suffering members, and also to the much maligned committee and friends. I went to the day trying very hard not to have any expectations, because I had got so wound up during the quarter final that having that same feeling last over a long hot day at the Rose Bowl would've helped my blood pressure too much! There was a lot of talk about money, but I can promise you that my only thoughts were on winning the competition. I was so proud of the lads. Their emotion at the end spoke volumes. I personally wanted to try and remain calm and hug everyone around me, so many of whom had contributed so much. I'm afraid that by the time I got to the players hotel and got in a few beers, I was so emotionally worn out that I couldn't stay up longer to celebrate with the players, but in reality, it was they that did the business, so probably just as well.


 Q.) Any truth in the rumour that a certain Mr Codrington and his collective staff were seen sporting some splendid large pink curly affro wigs at finals day? Will these be forming part of next season's playing kit or staff uniform?
A.) It is true that I sat with staff and friends throughout the day, and I was surprised to be given a pink wig, which was fabulous. We all had such fun. it made me smile when during the afternoon I went to buy a round of drinks and whilst queuing up, Middlesex members were chatting away, and it took one of them ten minutes to recognise me in a pink T20 finals day t-shirt and pink cap and wig! Great to be with all the supporters and be part of it that way.


Q.) You've obviously been busy since finals day planning both the Stanford Antigua trip and Champions League schedules etc. How is all the preparation going and what expectations do you have for both competitions?

A.) There has been so much to organise and plan for Stanford and Champions League, not least all the fun and games surrounding whether the Champions League was going to take place. It's just great that we have put most things in place now regarding the players and the organisation from that point of view. Winning the Champions League and beating Trinidad and Tobago are huge incentives for players and the club, and we are certainly going to go about it in the most professional way possible. It's fantastic to be a part of it. As far as expectations go, I'm going to adopt the same low key ones I had for finals day, because that way I won't be too disappointed if things don't work out, but I think we will do well, and if we win them both...sensational!!