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Why Online Casinos Are Almost As Popular As Cricket Among The Youth Of India

Mumbai Indians celebrate
Mumbai Indians celebrate

The favourite pastime of many of India's youth is playing cricket - it’s the number 1 sport in India. But in new research, the huge youth population of India is also driving the rise in popularity of online casinos in the country.

Information from a recent report on the matter reveals that the country has the largest population of young people in the world - An estimate of the number of people below the age of 26 is 600 million. When you look at this, you realize that more than half of the country's inhabitants are below 25 years old. The population of young people in India alone is far bigger than the population of many countries out there!

The fact that they have a very young population and the fact that their middle class is rapidly growing, are the reasons why the country is currently witnessing huge economic growth. The prediction is that up to 500 million Indians would have leaped into the high and middle income bracket by 2030. 

So, the fact that most international businesses are investing in the country does not come as a surprise, as they are all trying to see what they can gain from the massive potentials available in India. One sector that has also delved into this is the online casino sector, just like in the UK with the rise of new UK casino sites. When you look at the young population of India, and the online casinos, you will see a very fruitful marriage.

Based on information found in MyCasino.in, 75% of the people that sign into the online casinos in India are between 18 and 34 years old. This indicates that the number of young people that enjoy online gambling in India is very huge. You can easily understand why the young population of India is drawn to these casino sites - the young people of India are ambitious, tech driven and adventurous - and what the casinos offer meet this criteria and more.

Most of the casinos are elegantly designed with themes that are very aesthetic, and these bring satisfaction to their tech hunger. The online casinos also come with modern games that are very attractive in nature, and with regular updates to make sure that the players do not endure a boring moment.

Casinos have moved past the era of just blackjack and roulette. In the present day online casinos you can enjoy libraries that are full of different types and variants of games. They stock them in their thousands, and they include table games, poker games, plus games of Indian origin like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. They’re designed with crisp clear sound effects and high quality graphics, the same way the video games are designed.

There’s always a sort of restlessness among young people - It’s quite hard to see people below 25 staying in a particular place for long. They’re regularly in motion; from hanging out with friends, to going to school, attending other social events, going to the movies, and so on. The online casinos make themselves the regular companions of these youthful people by creating very efficient mobile sites.

It’s hard to find a casino that is not properly optimized for mobile games. They do this through a mobile app or mobile website. Through these, account holders can play their casino games from anywhere and whenever they deem fit. This makes it possible for a person on a train to the office, someone waiting at the lobby for a job interview, or a lady waiting for her turn at the salon to be able to simply get out their smartphone and keep busy with their phone.

The fact that the young population of India is given the chance to make money by playing these online casino games further cements the relationship between them and the casinos. The ambitious and middle class youths are just excited at the possibility of winning money from the games. 

The casino delivers an advantage that many people normally fail to consider, and that is the fact that it benefits the mind. In India, you can only play games of skill and not those of chance. Most of the games of skill will need the player to engage in critical thinking with utmost concentration to succeed. So, when such games are played by young people, it makes their mind sharper, and they cultivate the ability to work under pressure with precision.

There has been a great friendship between the Indian young population and the online casinos, and there is no end in sight for that relationship, at least in the foreseeable future. With advancements in casino technology and the constant launch of new and top notch games, the Indian youths will continue to be fascinated by the online casino offerings, and they will keep playing online casino games.

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