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Windies player Deandra Dottin speaks with the media at post match press-conference

ICC Womens World T20 2018 - Windies player Deandra Dottin – post match press-conference

Q. Talk to us a bit about what it's like playing in front of this huge crowd and the support you're getting from the fans locally.

DEANDRA DOTTIN: It's been really exciting. The fans have been fabulous. Backing us and supporting us all the way was a huge, huge -- it was a huge thing for us having all these people backing us and playing at home.

Q. A very close match. What do you think was the difference between you and England today?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: I think we had a lot of nerves. We have that never-die attitude and going into this match and coming out of it as well.

Q. Your batting as a side and you personally the last couple of matches has been quite a sight to behold, particularly compared to the way some of the other teams have batted on this St. Lucia pitch. What do you think is different about the way you approached batting out there?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: I think I was quite sensible about it. I'm more responsible and smart. I think that's what made the difference.

Q. Do you think that as a side people underestimated you before the tournament started?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: The weird thing is I think it could be. But I'm not sure. I can't say.

Q. How are you feeling now about that semifinal which you know now will be against Australia on Thursday?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: Well, I'm feeling very good, having the top of the group, which that's what we were working hard for and we wanted to do. But at the end of the day doesn't matter who we play, we still have to get the job done.

Q. You lost two big wickets early on. What is the discussion in the middle after those two wickets went down early?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: Well, my partner Shemaine Campbell, the discussion was to build a partnership and stay there until the end. I just want to commend her on the inning she played as well. It was a crucial innings she played. And that helped the whole game as well.

Q. You had huge success today. Would you rate yourself as the biggest six hitter in women's cricket?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: I'm sure there are a couple of players that hit bigger ones than me, but I wouldn't rate myself as the biggest hitter. I would just rate myself among the six hitters.

Q. Just back to your partnership with Campbell. She was under a lot of pressure coming in because she had not had any runs behind her. It was a quality innings and the partnership was really what West Indies needed.
DEANDRA DOTTIN: I think for Campbell, she's a fighter. She's very determined. And coming into the wicket us talking to each other a lot, that helped her as well. Having known the players as Anisa and Chinelle know that she's one of the top hitting bowlers and she took wickets further. It was just a matter of playing her cautiously and just nudging her off the wick -- singles.

Q. Deandra, it came down to be quite a close finish towards the end. What was the atmosphere like? What was the tension like in the West Indies enclosure?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: Well, it's good to win close games because -- to know how it feels, but the tension was -- it wasn't really any tension on our side. We just had the support so the girls were pretty good.

Q. Deandra, your fielding in this tournament has been outstanding. Nasser Hussain after the South Africa game said that it was the best fielding performance he'd ever seen in women's cricket. How important is it -- has the fielding been to your success in the matches that you've played?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: Fielding is very important in the game. For example, if you score a low total and you have the best fielding, then you have a chance at defending that total. But our fielding, we've been working very hard on our fielding, our basic stuff, and it certain steps. So I think it's pretty strong at the moment.

Q. Today, when England were batting, I think between the 15th and 17th over, they scored about 30 runs when you guys had them under some pressure before. Was there like a relaxation at that point of the game or did they just get away a little bit?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: I don't think it was a relaxation. That always happens in cricket. When you have a side down, you tend to have a partnership in the middle. But I think the girls did well to at least pull it back and bowl under 120.

Q. You're not an original opener. You opened sometimes and then sometimes you bat in the middle. They put a lot of pressure on you by sending you at the top to do the damage with Hayley. At first, how comfortable were you with that? And who was the person who put it to you that maybe you should go to the top and smash it?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: To be honest, it wasn't any pressure. I know what kind of player I am. I can go hard. I can go medium. I can knock it around. It all depends on the situation. But knowing that you have a six overs powerplay that you would like to capitalise.

So being at the top, I think, it was a go-hard situation, but I think it's kind of more supporting Hayley, my other partner, Hayley because that's what she's accustomed.

Q. Who put it to you, was it the captain or was it one of the coaches?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: I think it was a team thing. It was a team thing.

Q. Does playing against men in the club system in Barbados help you in any way to battle against women at this level? Because you know the Barbados Cricket Association has put a team in the men's tournament. Obviously Hayley plays with her brother at Pickwick. Is it a big advantage playing club cricket against men?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: I play for Barbados team, which is a combo of campuses, different girls from different countries. I think it has helped me a lot having those fast -- those good bowlers face me. It's impacted a lot on me, my cricket coming against ladies.

Q. (Indiscernible) Antigua, first, a message to the fans -- what should they come out to watch? And a message to your teammates as to how you're going to approach to Australia?
DEANDRA DOTTIN: My message to everybody is that we are just going to come play good, hard cricket.

Q. Your teammates, what are you thinking for the Australia game? They looked pretty sharp in Guyana.
DEANDRA DOTTIN: Our thoughts are the same for every game we have played.

Q. And that is: Win?


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