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Women’s Cricket: An Overview of the Game

Southern Brave women celebrate
Southern Brave women celebrate

The world of cricket is expanding, and we keep seeing it grow in different aspects of the world. There are many exciting events that you can consider if you want to enjoy a competitive game of cricket. We know that the men’s game is massive and influences most parts of the world. Fortunately, the women’s game is coming close.

The ICC world cup in March showed that the women’s is gaining traction, and we’re looking forward to the growth of the sport and women’s game. As you can place esports bets, you can also invest on Women’s cricket, as it has gained enough influence worldwide. You only have to find the right way to join.

With the game growing, let’s take a quick look at women’s cricket, where it started, and how far it has gone over the years. This would give an exciting overview of the game and how well the women perform compared to their male counterparts. Let’s get into it. 


Women’s cricket has been around for many centuries, with the first match recorded in 1745 when the 11 maids of Hambledon faced the 11 maids of Bramley. There isn’t much record about how the game went and the scores, but it was the first official women’s cricket game. 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until over a century before the first official women’s cricket club was created. Another unfortunate incident was when the Original English Lady Cricketers toured England and gathered enough money, only for their manager to steal it. But from 1887, we started seeing development in the women’s game. 

In 1894, one women’s cricket league was formed in Australia, while Port Elizabeth got a team in South Africa. They were called the Pioneers Cricket Club. Beacon Hill Park was also created in Victoria, Canada. However, it wasn’t until 1958 that the IWCC (International Women’s Cricket Council) was created to coordinate and oversee women’s cricket worldwide. 

International Competitions

Even though women’s cricket has been around for centuries, it wasn’t until 1934 before we got the first Test match. It was a game between the English women and the Aussies. In 1935, New Zealand joined, and in 2007, Netherlands women joined the group to make it ten teams in the Test cricket division. 

We’ve enjoyed 141 women’s Test matches over the years, and we can say that they’ve gone far with delivery, competitiveness, and entertainment. In 1973, women ODIs came into existence at the first Women’s Cricket World Cup. And in 2016, we hit a landmark of 1000 women’s ODIs. Australia has since dominated this format. 

We saw the Women’s T20 International also enter the list of international competitions in 2004. From 2006, we’ve seen the competition grow as more teams participated in the tournaments, and by 2009, we already had 30 games, and it saw the launch of the first ICC Women’s World T20. And by 2018, all its members got full women’s T20 international status. 

Franchise Games

Since 2015, we’ve been getting different franchise women’s games from the Women’s Big Bash League in Australia. In England and Wales, we got the semi-professional Super League to give us more franchise games in Women’s cricket. And in India, we got the inaugural franchise cricket for women in 2018.

You can expect more regarding women’s franchise cricket odds, with many exciting games and competitions. Same as you get top-notch about the coming world cups' esports odds, We see the best cricketers play against each other all year round when they are not representing their nations. It is an exciting show that we expect to keep growing, and in the end, it will get close to the men’s competition. 

Best Nations

Over the years, we’ve had different nations dominate the world of women’s cricket, but some have been consistent, showing that they can rule for a long time. So, let’s check out three of the best women’s cricket nations in the world today.


Undoubtedly, as one of the pioneer nations in cricket, it is no surprise that the team has solidified its position as one of the best nations. They’ve dominated men's and women’s competitions over the years. It is unlikely to name any list in cricket without mentioning England, and the team is currently filled with stars. 


Following England on the list is Australia, and even though there are still some teams with a more extended history, Australia is undoubtedly one of the best teams in cricket. They have a formidable women’s team that can rival anyone, and they are almost always among the top contenders for any tournament they are participating in. 

New Zealand

New Zealand is another team with a top-notch women’s cricket team. They’ve been part of the sport for a long time and have grown to become one of the most formidable sides worldwide. We can see them battle it against top teams and even become victorious occasionally. We would love to see more of this team. They might even work well for esports betting, enjoying the sport from different perspectives.