World Cricket Records 2011 - Chris Hawkes

World Cricket Records 2011 - Chris Hawkes
World Cricket Records 2011 - Chris Hawkes

Who has hit the most sixes for England in Tests?
Who took 5 for 6 runs in 3 overs to record the best bowling figures in ICC World Twenty20 finals?

Who has scored the most 50s in the history of the ICC Cricket World Cup?
Who holds the record for the most test dismissals by a wicketkeeper?

It’s time to open up the explosive debut edition of World Cricket Records – a massive collection of team and player record, facts and stats, covering every aspect of international cricket from around the world.

Official World Cricket Records 2011 is a celebration of more than 140 years of excellence, featuring not only a host of records from all formats of the game, but also the stories behind them, and a series of potted biographies of some of the greatest players ever to have walked onto the field to bat, bowl or field.

Official World Cricket Records 2011 is not a history book. It is a celebration of both the best and the worst performances in Test cricket, one-day international cricket, the Twenty20 game, first-class domestic cricket, women’s cricket and youth international cricket. It is an explosion of benchmarks – those to which every player in the game would wish and aspire and surpass as well as those players would want to avoid. For every one of the game’s most wanted records, there is a plethora of unwanted ones.

If you ever get into an argument about cricket facts and stats, World Cricket Records 2011 will not only provide you with the definitive answer, it will also give you loads of additional information that will amaze your audience.


Chris Hawkes is a former youth international cricketer who spent four seasons as a full-time professional with Leicestershire CCC (1989–92). Since retiring as a player, he has worked as a sports writer and editor as well as making several appearances on radio and television as a cricket analyst. He lives in London.


Published by Carlton Books in hardback, 2nd September 2010, at £19.99