Would love to see cricket in the Olympics - Eoin Morgan

As the 2016 Olympics get underway, the topic of whether cricket will ever make an appearance at the Games is a popular one among fans and England limited overs captain Eoin Morgan would love to see it happen.

Cricket might not be about to take its bow any time soon, but Morgan is among those who would support it taking its place at the games alongside other sports such as golf and tennis that have huge global audiences.

"I would love to see cricket in the Olympics for the simple fact that - and it'd probably have to be T20 cricket - it would be part of growing our sport," Morgan said, speaking at a cookery challenge event hosted by England's official airline sponsors Etihad.

And Morgan, who first represented Ireland in international cricket before choosing to play for England to achieve his dream of playing Tests, is better placed than most to talk about why it is important to grow the game on a global scale.

"One of the big issues that I suppose every sport has around the world is how they neglect the smaller countries or the countries that play the sport but it is less popular," he added.

For him, cricket making an appearance in the Olympics would be a win-win situation.

"I think cricket in the Olympics would be great because it would mean more funding from governing bodies and a lot of the money would go into grassroots cricket so I'd love to see it."

We ran a poll 10 months ago which saw 90 per cent of voters in favour of cricket becoming an Olympic sport.

However, while cricket has featured in other multi-sport events including the Commonwealth Games and Asian Games, it does look as if despite Morgan's optimism - and those that do want to see cricket earn Olympic recognition - fans of the game will have to wait to see their stars competing for gold, silver and bronze medals.

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