Wounded Tiger - Peter Oborne


Praise for The Triumph of the Political Class:

'An extremely important new book'
Iain Martin, Sunday Telegraph

'Well written and very entertaining'
The Times

'It is quite brilliant...an extraordinary book...300 pages and every single line urgently needing to be said'
Frederick Forsyth

The nation of Pakistan was born out of the trauma of Partition from India in 1947. Its cricket team evolved in the chaotic aftermath. Initially unrecognized, underfunded and weak, Pakistan's team grew to become a major force in world cricket.

Since the early days of the Raj, cricket has been entwined with national identity and Pakistan's successes helped to define its status in the world. Defiant in defence, irresistible in attack, players such as A H Kardar, Fazal Mahmood and Imran Khan awed their contemporaries and inspired their successors.

The story of Pakistan cricket is filled with triumph and tragedy. In recent years, it has been threatened by the same problems affecting Pakistan itself: fallout from the "war on terror", sectarian violence, corruption, health and the environment, and a shortage of effective leaders.

For twenty years, Pakistan cricket has been stained by the scandalous behaviour of the players involved in match fixing. Since 2009, the fear of violence has driven Pakistan's international cricket into exile. No one knows when it will return home.

But Peter Oborne's narrative is also full of hope. For all its troubles, cricket gives all Pakistanis a chance to excel and express themselves, a sense of identity and a cause for pride in their country.


Peter Oborne is a regular commentator on politics for television, and chief political commentator of the Daily Telegraph.

He is the author of several previous books including the acclaimed Alastair Campbell: New Labour and the Rise of the Media Class, The Rise of Political Lying, TheTriumph of the Political Class and Basil D'Oliveira, Cricket and Conspiracy: The Untold Story which won the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award in 2004.


Published by Simon & Schuster in hardback 17 July 2014, priced £25.00

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